Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's begining to look a lot like..

I absolutely love Christmas time. Love, love, love. Like seriously love. The girls have really enjoyed decorating. Here are some pictures of us decorating and some family fun!

I saw this idea last year on pinterest and knew I wanted it to become part of our family traditions. Each year we'll add our handprints until they cover the tree skirt! I love how sweet little Emerson's is really just kind of a blob. Teeny tiny infant hands like to wrap around your fingers...he didn't want to straighten out is hand. I was a tad upset that it didn't turn out perfect but Kyle said, "Don't worry, leave it. We'll look back and remember how his little hand was so tiny and he didn't want to open it. And we'll sigh and cry at how whittle he was!" Love that sweet man of mine! 

Another pinterst idea...I took four slips of paper and wrote down fun things and memories about each of the kiddos and one for Kyle & I. Things the kids liked, milestones, family trips, memories, etc, throughout the year. I rolled them up and stuck the paper inside and wrote the year on the outside. I hope to do this each year!

Rowynn's ornament this year...a froggie!

Finley's ornament this year...a pink hippo! In honor of her winter recital song, "I want a Hippo for Christmas!" She's been singing this song like crazy!
I ordered this from mpix. Love how it turned out!

Stockings...Finley, Rowynn, & Emerson

Kyle has a massive collection of nutcrackers and each year we add to that. The year Finley was born we got the little pink nutcracker and the year Rowynn was born we got the purple one. They love their "princess" ornaments. They also loved decorating their little tree.
I walked in the other night and found the girls sleeping with their nutcrackers! Too funny!

Silly girl!

Finley decorating the tree!

She was SUPER excited about the star...she kept asking about it and was so thrilled to see it go on the tree!

Daddy adding the star!

"Oh, wow!"

This is how Emerson helped with the decorating...




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