Monday, December 3, 2012

Candy Canes, Christmas Trees, & Snowflakes

I think I saw this on another blog..or perhaps pinterest. Anyway, we made candy canes with our finger prints. First I let the girls feel, smell, and taste candy canes. Then I added some peppermint extract to white and red paint. Then we dipped our fingers and painted!

The finished project. I also added a ribbon to each card and they are super cute!

We had a sweet friend, Cadence come over and play the other day. I had this little activity for the girls to do. I mixed green food coloring with frosting and they decorated ice cream cones (the waffle kind) with the frosting, sprinkles, and a pink marshmallow star on top. Big mess, but big hit!

Another craft project. The girls painted these strofoam cones green. Then we used push pins and different shaped sequins to decorate. Finley & I had a lot of fun picking out the beautiful sequins, she kept saying, "Oh momma, these are so beautiful!" It was a fun bonding experience.

Rowynn loves to paint! We talked about the different colors and shapes of the sequins. Fun + educational=my kind of craft!


The finished product. We wrapped Christmas-colored yarn around for the lights and added a yellow pom pom for a star.
We also made snow flakes. I hot glued the popsicle sticks together and asked what color the girls wanted to paint them. They both picked pink. Then of course we had to add pretty sparkly glitter.  A little ribbon and presto, cute homemade ornament!

I hope you and your family are having lots of Christmas fun! These crafts did not take long at all to plan and do. The house may be a mess most of the time and we rarely get out of our jammies, but we have lots of messy fun!

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