Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Math Journal

My super smart friend Maile started doing these awesome math journals with her boys and when she offered to e-mail them out on her blog I was super happy. They've been a big hit with Finley! I may start something similar with Rowynn soon.

For this entry, we talked about objects that were bigger/smaller than my hand. I modeled some examples for her then asked her to go around the room to find objects. She did a fantastic job! I asked her what sound she heard at the beginning of each word and she wrote that letter.

I love her three stick people! She kept wanting to count the eyes as a set "one, two, one, two, one, two," so I had to ask her a few times how many there were all together. She finally got it!
This was a fun activity. I had Finley count the objects and then we talked about which one was more and which was less. I told her about the more than sign looking like an alligator's mouth and demonstrated with my hands. She picked up on this really quickly. We did it a few times and then she glued it down.

I wrote down numbers 0-9 and Finley had to decide if the numbers were straight or curvy. She did great!

I love how she and RoRo are wearing dresses and the other 3 kiddos are T, James & Remi. She wrote the E as a 3 and we practiced writing the 3 correctly.

I love her little apple trees. This one I used a couple of red unifix cubes to give her a more hands on approach and it worked well. She wrote the "1" and I spelled the word "Apple" for her and she wrote each letter...what a super smart girl!

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  1. Yay Finley! I'll show you my Read it Draw it Solve it book and it might give you some ideas for RoRo.