Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Well, the time has come. For better or worse, Finley is in a big girl bed!!!

We knew that as part of the girls' Christmas present this year we were planning on moving them into one room (formerly Fin's room) and some of their presents would include decor and bedding. The more we thought about it (and the more Finley tried to climb out of her crib) we decided to go ahead and at least move Finley to a big girl bed. My parents wanted to buy Finley's bedding and gifted it to us early yesterday! We kept the crib in there and will move Rowynn in there when Finley gets settled/adjusted.

View from the door

Looking away from the beds

Waiting for little sister!
I love how everything turned out! We saw the bed at IKEA a few weeks ago, and I've been searching like mad on craigslist. Well, today I found one for 1/4 of the cost! I was so excited! So we loaded it up and went to work. We moved the room around, brought back the rocking chair, and bumper pad and rearranged things.

I saw this print featured in another blog and fell in love! I bought it a few months ago and just got it hung! I love, love, love it! I want to get the matching pillows! This is where I got it:
I still want to get a small rug, baby gate, and I have a multi-picture frame that needs to be updated and hung. But I am very happy with how it all turned out.

All ready for bed!

Night-Night Finley Rose! I love you something fierce! You're one cool kiddo :)

My Fearless Wonder!

Yesterday we met my parents in Tyler to spend the day with them! From time to time we'll meet in Tyler since it's about half-way for all of us. Kyle & I use to meet in Tyler and spend the day at the zoo or mall when we were dating. It's a nice because it's a fairly small town, but it's big enough that there is plenty to do!

This is how we rode to Tyler:

I've been looking for a doll stroller and found this one last week at Once Upon a Child for $4 and Finley L-O-V-E-S it!!

We met at Cracker Barrel and had a oh so yummy, not-exactly-weight watcher friendly lunch and then headed to the mall!

I don't know how I'm going to handle a them when their 16 & 17 and really driving!!

Finley loved Papaw's dippin' dots!


We saw it as we were leaving and I said, "Hhhhhmmm, I wonder if Finley would do that?" She loves to jump on Mimi & Papaw's trampoline and she's pretty fearless, so we asked the lady if we could just see if she would even like it before we shelled out the $7. Did she like it? Um, yea!!! She didn't want to get off and kept saying, "I jump, I jump!!!" She wanted to go higher and higher and had a big grin on her face the entire time!

Kyle said to not be surprised if she wants to go bungee jumping when she's a teenager...she's so fearless!!!

Buggy Business

Last month things got a little buggy around our home! In the few weeks leading up to Finley's Buggy Birthday, (and the few weeks after), we had fun learning about, making, and observing different bugs. My friend Maile and I split the cost of some lady bugs and Finley liked watching them fly around her little bug house. We also observed caterpillars form chrysalises and emerge butterflies. Finley kept a little butterfly journal--she'd draw what she saw and then I'd write her observations down.

We had so much fun with our buggy-theme! 

I found this on another blog. I cut out the dots and Finley had fun counting them and putting them on the ladybug.

Busy Bugs is a fantastic Discovery Toys present from Mailie! She did really good at matching the bugs to the right colors.

I gave her the "B" letter stamp and she had fun stamping away!

Finley loves stickers! She loved her buggy sticker garden. She would point to each of them and say the names of the ones she knew.

The ladybug she painted.

Dot paint ladybugs.

I got this idea from Maile. These are Rowynn's feet, they made adorable butterflies! Finley did some too and she would always point at the back wall and say, "RoRo's seet (feet), Fin's seet!"

This was quick and easy. Finley put dabs of paint in the middle of a piece of paper and then we folded it in half and swooshed it around. Voila! Butterfly :)

This is our bee-hive. She used bubble wrap, dipped in yellow paint, to paint the bee hive on cardstock. And the bumble bees are thumb prints!

I love these flower hands!

Dot painting on the ladybugs Maile made for us!

Dot painting on the ladybugs Maile made for us!

Counting ladybugs!

Marble painting made a wonderful spider-web!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water Fun!

Yesterday Kyle took the day off and we took the girls to a small, local water park. They had a blast!!! It was so much fun watching my little water babies splash around!

She was cupping her hands around her mouth saying, "Heyyyooo!" (Hello) She liked the echo sound

Rowynn trying to grab the water!

After the water park we went to IKEA and Finley had a blast! She kept crawling in all of the beds like Goldilocks and kept saying, "Okay, pa-pa (paci) time!"

It was a good day!