Saturday, December 29, 2012


For the first time in over thirty years it snowed on Christmas Day in DFW...and we were in Louisiana! We did get snow on Christmas Eve of 2009 (Finley's first Christmas). We came home the day after Christmas and luckily there was still plenty of snow for the girls to enjoy. Finley was too funny! She ran and hopped around. She plopped down and made a snow in the heck did she know how to do that?!? It has snowed like two times in her entire 3.5 year life! My only guess is with pretend play (we had pretend snow inside last year with pillows and blankets), plenty of books about snow, and tv shows featuring snow.

Her snow angel!

We ran out for about 2.5 seconds to snap a pic of Emerson and his first snow. He was thrilled.

"Momma it tastes like ice!"

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