Sunday, December 30, 2012


Today I turned 27 and was extremely blessed by my sweet friends & family! I received so many fb posts, texts, and calls! The day started off with a wonderful church service. The night before, when Finley was asking what "We were going to do after this night-night" (she asks that every night) I told her we were going to go to church. She replied, "But Mommy, I thought it was your birthday tomorrow?" I told her it was, and what better way to start my special day then by going to church and praising the one who had made me! When I picked her up from her class her teacher said that Finley had announced to the whole class that it was her Momma's birthday and she prayed for me to have a good birthday. Sweet girl!

After church we came home and enjoyed a yummy lunch my sweet hubby cooked. Kyle & the kids had beautiful cards and a incredibly sweet letter. When Kyle asked me what I wanted a month or so back I told him I just wanted a love letter...I'm a sentimental fool! He also promised in his card that he would treat me to a spa day at home---he would give me a pedicure and let me relax...what a thoughtful sweetheart! The girls spent the afternoon painting me beautiful pictures and helping Dad bake a German chocolate cake. They also sang me "Happy Birthday" several times. When we were eating supper, Finley had the wonderful idea of having a picnic in the living room since it was my special day. I love her sweet little heart. Birthdays are a big deal to her and she wanted my day to be fun. We even ate our cake on Cinderella plates! Love my girls!

It was a wonderfully perfect day. I love my family so very much and am so thankful to God for His blessings. Life is short and each day is truly a gift. Thank you God for another precious birthday!

Rowynn's beautiful creation  that she painted for me!

Finley painted me a cupcake...complete with a cherry on top! I LOVE IT!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wedding Dresses

While in Many for Christmas Finley played in my wedding dress. I loved watching her in it. She was awed and amazed at how beautiful the dress was. She said, "Oh wow, this is the most beautiful princess dress I've ever seen!" I pray that she has a long life and will be blessed to one day get to walk down the aisle to her beloved. If so, these pics will have to be in her slideshow! I just don't want her wedding day to arrive too quickly. Can I keep you little, sweet baby girl? I love your messy bed hair and bumps and bruises from your rough housing. I love your sticky fingers and sweet singing voice. I love how helpful you are and how you love fiercely. Your passion for life is amazing. You are a force baby girl! A mighty force with a strong will and a soft heart. I know God is going to do mighty things through you. Just let Him guide your steps and put your faith in'll be able to move mountains! I just love you Finley Rose!

I love that she has crazy hair from playing!

I love the little dimples in her sweet toddler hands as she adjusts her veil.

Aunt Sissy helping her adjust her dress.

Daddy & his girl!


For the first time in over thirty years it snowed on Christmas Day in DFW...and we were in Louisiana! We did get snow on Christmas Eve of 2009 (Finley's first Christmas). We came home the day after Christmas and luckily there was still plenty of snow for the girls to enjoy. Finley was too funny! She ran and hopped around. She plopped down and made a snow in the heck did she know how to do that?!? It has snowed like two times in her entire 3.5 year life! My only guess is with pretend play (we had pretend snow inside last year with pillows and blankets), plenty of books about snow, and tv shows featuring snow.

Her snow angel!

We ran out for about 2.5 seconds to snap a pic of Emerson and his first snow. He was thrilled.

"Momma it tastes like ice!"

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

Chrismas morning we opened our stockings, sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, ate yummy cake, and then headed to my grandparents' house to enjoy Christmas dinner. Later that night we read the Christmas story. It was a super fun day celebrating with my awesome family!


Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house. The day was pretty relaxed. We had opened presents a on Friday night, the girls couldn't wait and Mime can't say no! The girls and I had a picnic breakfast in front of the tree. They played parents have a trampoline, a swing set, and a huge yard! The girls always have such a good time. Emerson was pretty content to be held and loved on by various family members. The girls and I also made a cake for baby Jesus' birthday and I set-up a little star scavenger hunt game. I hid the baby Jesus from my parents nativity set and hid clues around the house that had a star on them. They had to follow the star clues until they found baby Jesus. Big hit! That night we went to my grandparents' house were we enjoyed a huge appetizer/dessert spread, opened gifts, and watched It's a Wonderful Life. Super fun night!

Rowynn's big present from Mimi & Papaw. Finley & Emerson got pottery barn chairs. (Rowynn already had one)

Uncle Ben with Rowynn. He & my sister got the girls dress-up dresses (which Ro is modeling) and princess walkie-talkies.

Auntie, Uncle Bobby & Emerson!

Helping me make the cake!

The star clues!



Finley performing...again!

Poppy & Emerson

The girls mesmerized by the carousel set that once mesmerized me and my cousins!

Sleeping bags from Auntie & Uncle Bobby!

Ben apparently really LOVES gift cards!

Rowynn helping me open Emerson's gifts.
Cake pop maker!

I think Aunt Sissy liked the girls' sleeping bags too!

One of my faves!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daddy's gun

Several years ago my Daddy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Praise Jesus, it wasn't cancer and the tumor was removed via surgery and Dad was later treated with radiation. That was over 12 years ago and the tumor (they weren't able to get it all) hasn't grown back. To help cover some of the massive costs that go along with brain surgery, Dad had to sell several prized possessions, including a gun that he had for years. He sold it to his brother and over the years has tried to buy it back. Well, my brother-in-law Ben contacted my uncle a couple of months ago and asked if we could buy it back. So we went in with my sister and bro-in-law to purchase the gun. By bro-in-law also threw in a load of firewood and so graciously, meticulously, cleaned the gun for my dad. We put it in his new gun safe for him to find.

My Dad is an amazing man who has sacrificed so much for his family. It was so fun to do something nice for him!


Natchitoches Lights.

This year we spent Christmas with my family in Louisiana. We had such a wonderful time! We spent Friday-Wednesday there and packed in a lot of fun! Kyle & I even got to have a movie date! That's super rare! We went to see The Hobbit and really enjoyed it. The kids were spoiled with tons of gifts and lots of attention from their many admirers!

On Sunday, after a lovely service at my home town church, we continued our Christmas tradition of going to Natchitoches to walk front street and see the lights. (Natchitoches is were Steel Magnolias was filmed) While there we had fun looking in one of our favorite toy stores, munching on funnel cakes, cotton candy, and hot dogs, and admiring all of the lights. We finished the night with a yummy meal and then headed home.

After church. I wanted to get a family picture. This is what I got. Real life people!

Window display in Natchitoches.

E-man checking out the lights!

Me & my hubby dear!

Oh you know, just walking around, looking at lights...feeding my baby boy!

Aunt Sissy & RoRo

Mimi & Finley

Mom & Dad (Mimi & Papaw)
Amanda & Greg (Gigi & Papa)
Mom & Amanda have been besties since 3rd grade!

Finley found this little "stage" and proceeded to sing and perform her ENTIRE dance from her recital. Then she found a little podium and told the story of Jesus' birth...from the angel appearing to Mary to the wise men bringing baby Jesus gifts!

Rowynn with her treasured cotton candy from Aunt Sissy & Uncle Ben.