Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Randoms!

Maile sent me a bunch of Christmas learning resources, including this. The girls made these little books and have enjoyed reading them!

Part of her morning work!

I love how she colored the strips on the candy cane. Her attention to detail!

Cute Christmas wreaths the girlies made!

Christmas with the Sraders. Somehow this is the only picture I got. For the second year in a row our sweet friends the Sraders came over to enjoy a meal and exchange gifts. We had so much fun! Kyle & I cooked a whole chicken, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce (can), green beans, mac-n-cheese, and rolls. We also enjoyed some delicious gingerbread cookies and ice cream from the Sraders. They spoiled all of us rotten with wonderful gifts and we had lots of fun with our sweet friends!

Kyle reading to his girls at the Boyett family Christmas. Thanks Dez for the Cinderella book, big hit!

Uncle Johnnie reading the Christmas story.

This little miss came out of her room exactly like this one night (when she was suppose to be asleep) and proudly proclaimed that she was Santa. Too funny!

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