Friday, June 8, 2012

Pink Cake & Tea Time

A couple of weeks ago while shopping, Finley asked if we could buy the stuff to make a pink cake. And I said, "Sure sweet girl, why not!" So we bought strawberry cake mix and pink frosting. And of course we already had sprinkles! So a couple of days later we baked the cake and I stuck it in the fridge to cool so we could frost it later. Well the next day I was super sick so Daddy decided icing a cake with his two girls would be mucho fun. These girls sure have a great daddy! I crawled out of bed to snap a couple of pictures (and just ignored the pink mess that was all over my girls and my dining room table). After all, I knew my hubby would clean it up. Cause he just rocks like that!

Needless to say, the girls had a blast. Ignore their bed hair...remember momma was sick, and while my hubby is awesome at cooking, cleaning, and being super dad, he hasn't quite managed the talent of taming little locks.

"Hey momma, look what we made!"

Dumping the one spot.

My three messes!

A couple of days later (and with momma back from the living dead) I asked them if they would like to have a tea, duh mom! I dug out a pretty set that once belonged to their Great-Grandma Wanda Davis and poured milk into the tea pot. And of course we served our pink cake on the little plates. They had so much fun pouring, and re-pouring, and pouring again. Of course it was a mess, but hey, all the fun stuff is! I just got so tickled watching them and thinking that if Grandma Wanda was here she would have just loved having two great-granddaughters. I mean the lady's kitchen was painted baby pink...she would have eaten all this girly-ness up!

I love having two girls! I can't wait to see what baby brother thinks of all this. I'm sure in a couple of years he'll be forced to have tea parties with his big sisters!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random At Home Learning

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of months. Basically just a mixture of activities we've done that never got blogged about. Simple tot trays, math printables, etc. We try to do a little school everyday. We usually do our daily folder, our poster board from our Raising Rockstar curriculum, an art lesson, Bible story, tot tray, counting practice, writing in our journal, and a couple of worksheets. Some days we do more. Some days we do less. Here's just a few things that didn't really fit into a theme or category!!

Sorting fruit by color

Fine motor practice: spooning colored rice into ice trays.

Putting pom poms in ice tray.

Our lesson during Holy Week...thanks pinterest!

Matching to complete the rainbow picture

Tracing letters.

The girls painted the canvas together and then we did some marble painting on another sheet of paper and I cut out a rainbow shape.

Finley made this rainbow...perfect decor for her party!

Found this game here. She rolled the dice and circled whichever number it landed on.

This was also found on the previous math site, thanks Maile! She rolled the dice and colored in however many squares the dice landed on.

Releasing our butterflies

Sorting bears with our friend. I've been super impressed with Rowynn's ability to sort things according to color. She can't say the words, but knows her colors!


Yesterday my firstborn turned three. I can't believe she's three...wasn't she just a wee baby snuggled on my chest with her whole little hand wrapped around my finger. Now it's the other way around, I'm totally wrapped around hers!

We celebrated her birthday all day long. We started the day by having chocolate milk with whipped cream with our breakfast. Then we went to party city and to get her a special "Birthday Girl" pin and a couple of purple balloons for her and sister.


After that we had a very yummy lunch with Dada. We ate at Poor Richards Cafe and it was so.stinkin.good!!! Ice cream followed and then after nap time we picked Kyle up and headed to Sweet & Sassy. She had an appointment for "A day at the beach make-over!" She picked out some pretty purple polish (big surprise) and then got a pedicure, manicure, (with nail art), glitter and scented spray in her hair, and make-up. She loved it! She kept saying, "Momma, I'm fancy!" She was little unsure of the whole nail filing, and got a little antsy towards the end, but overall it was a great experience. After that we played in the playground and then ate supper at In-n-Out. It was a super fun day celebrating our sweet girl!

Picking out her polish

Soaking her feet!

Enjoying the pampering!


Purple polish going on.
Getting a flower painted on her toes.

Lotion on her arms

Pretty girl!

Getting glitter spray in her hair.

Checking herself out in the mirror!

Beautiful babe :)

A bit about my sassy three year old.
She is so much fun and so full of this infectious joy and zest for life. She thinks the little things are magical and is obsessed with all things purple. She loves wearing "beautiful dresses" and is such a big help around the house. I can't believe in a few months she'll be a big sister for the 2nd time!

She is so smart and has such a vivid imagination. She loves to build "towers" and "castles for Punzal" (Rapunzel). She quotes movies and tv shows and is very independent. She loves to read. She's fearless.  She insists on us following her around the yard as she sings, "Following the yee-dah, the yee-dah, following the yee-dah wherever she may go. Do-dum, di-do, diddy dum di do." In case you didn't follow, that's one of the songs from Peter Pan, "Following the Leader." Here is a video of her singing the song, you may have to turn the volume up.

When you ask her how old she is she says, "I five and you ten!" When you ask her about eye color she'll say, "My eyes are blue just like the sky and Daddy and RoRo too. Momma, Mimi, and Aunt Sissy has green eyes just like the trees. Papaw's eyes are black like the dark outside." She can count all the way to twenty-ten. Which is really thirty. When she wants you to hold her or lay down with her she'll say, "I hold choo" or "Choo come lay down with me." She loves making pretend Popsicles out of random objects. She likes sleeping on the "floor bed." She carries around a basket of foam toys that she insists are cookies for Grandma. She loves acting out/hearing/re-telling the story of the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. She has memorized her first scripture. Matthew 5:16. She is proficient at getting snacks out of the fridge for Rowynn and her. She loves kissing her baby brother (my stomach). When she's playing with her daddy she'll say in her most sassiest voice, "Hey, what's going on here!"

She keeps us on our toes and is the sweetest, sassiest three year old I know. I love you something fierce Finley Rose!!! I hope you had a magical birthday and feel cherished, because sweet girl you are. You make my heart happy and I'm so thankful I get to spend my days with you and your sister. Love you more!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


On Sunday, while our family was still in town, we headed to Fairpark to the Children's Aquarium. It's a bit smaller (and cheaper) than the one downtown, but the girls had a blast and it was well worth the money. They both got to touch a sea horse and "pet" sting rays. I think little Rowynn may have a future as a marine biologist; she went plum giddy over the sting rays. That kid loves all kinds of animals! It was a fun way to spend a couple hours. After that we enjoyed a yummy meal at Spaghetti Warehouse and then walked to our favorite ice cream shop. The girls both really loved their pink ice cream!

My parents and their grand girls checking out the pretty fish!

My goofy bro-in-law who can never smile for pictures and my pretty sissy!

Aunt Sissy & Rowynn checking out the turtles.

Sweet little RoRo on her tippy-toes so she can get a better look

"Look Momma, it's so beautiful!"

I sure do love these sweet sisters :)

Me & my RoRo.

This girl makes my heart happy!

This sweet girl also makes my heart happy!

Daddy & his mini-me.

Finley touching the sea horse.

Rowynn was in love with the stingrays!

How'd she turn into a kid?!?

The waiter just left the pitcher with Kyle...he was a tad thirsty!

Eating some yummy pasta!

This is the stuff Papaw!

Pink Ice Cream!!!

Lovely :)

The Davis Family
June 2012
Kyle & Wendy
Finley, Rowynn & Emerson