Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Farmer's Market, Tea Party, & The Gaylord

A couple of weeks ago Kyle took off on Friday and we planned a special family day!  We had discovered this cute little boutique that offered Tea Time for little girls and knew that our little princesses would love it! So we made our way to Grapevine for Cupcakes & Tea. We got there early and right across the street was a wonderful little Farmers Market. We scored some local honey, peaches, blackberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and pickled okra. The kids loves sampling all the goodies and playing in the gazebo.
After that we headed to the little shop. We had invited Grandma to come to tea with us so she met us there and the boys (Grandpa, Kyle, & Emerson continued shopping at the market).
We had the best time! The girls got to get dressed up and we all piled on the accessories. The girls also got their nails painted and make-up. They had a blast digging through all the hats, feather boas, jewelry, crowns, and wands, twirling in front of the mirror, and picking out hats for us to wear.
After we were all transformed into princesses, we all sat at the cutest (pinkest), most girly little table. We all choose our cupcakes and the were served yummy tea. We all had so much fun. I loved watching the girls pick up the dainty little teacups and push their boas out of the way to get to the cupcake. Such a special time! They also had a little table set up with coloring pages, dress up dolls, and books.  

The dressing room

Getting her nails painted and make-up done. Such a priss-pot!
My little middle admiring her beautiful self!

Love this sassy girl!


My little fancy girl



Me and my girls!

Our very pink and girly table!

Grandma and her girlies!

We were so glad Grandma was able to join us. So special!

After our tea party we headed over to the Gaylord Texan to walk around and eat lunch!  We normally go to the Gaylord at Christmas, so it was fun seeing it during the summer. 



What a fun family day!!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Swim Lessons

*I've got a ton of posts to get out before summer is officially over...better late than never!

Finley took swimming lessons for the fist time in June at our local rec center. My little fearless fish did excellent. She is just like her Mommy and LOVES water! She had so much fun and I loved watching her jump, dive, splash, kick, go under water, and learn. It was a bit of a beating to go to the water park every day for two weeks (Monday-Thursday), especially since the first week was also when Kyle was out of town. And we stayed and played after lessons a couple of the days. That's right. Me all by myself, at a water park, with a (barely) 4 year old, 2.5 year old, and 8 month old. Fun times!!! Thankfully there were some sweet friends there who lent a hand...or two! So blessed by all our sweet friends.

First day of lessons!

Learning to float.

Last day of lessons!

Finley with her teacher, Ms. Katie, on the last day.

On day one I promised her some cotton candy from the concession stand on her last day if she tried her best! Holy cow that's a lot of cotton candy!


On the last day, "Show Off Day," I was dreadfully sick. Like kill me now sick. Kyle & I were both down with food poisoning or something. I lost 3 lbs in about 12 hours. We were so incredibly sick. Thankfully Kyle's mom, Sandra, came over to watch the kiddos so Kyle & I could rest. But I'm a bit stubborn and was determined to take Finley and to her last lesson and watch.

Y'all, I thought I was going to die. A couple of times I wished for it. When you are sick, sitting out in 100 degree weather is not the smartest thing. I sat there..I watched, I clapped, I took videos, and I tried not to pass out. On the last day parents were allowed to watch from the lower deck and get closer. Yea, I just stayed sitting down on the upper deck and tried not to barf. I'm sure her teacher thought I didn't care at all, because I don't really remember much.

Some of the videos are a bit shaky...remember I was trying not to pass out!