Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The other day, before we left for our Christmas travels, Santa came to visit us! I love spending time with all of our extended family but it's also important for our sweet family of five to spend time together.

 Finley came and woke us up; she was super excited!!! She said, "Momma, Daddy, there are presents under our tree!" We woke Rowynn up and then gathered in front of the tree and Kyle read the story of Jesus' birth. After we prayed they open their one present from Santa, presents from us, and their stockings from Santa. Finley was amazed that the cookies we left for Santa were gone. She was so stinkin' happy that Santa had brought her a castle. Santa brought Rowynn a tea set and Emerson some Lincoln Logs. The kiddos also got several other lovely gifts.

We continued our "Christmas" morning tradition by having reindeer pancakes. After breakfast, we spent the day making home made gifts for family and playing with our new toys!

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