Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wedding Dresses

While in Many for Christmas Finley played in my wedding dress. I loved watching her in it. She was awed and amazed at how beautiful the dress was. She said, "Oh wow, this is the most beautiful princess dress I've ever seen!" I pray that she has a long life and will be blessed to one day get to walk down the aisle to her beloved. If so, these pics will have to be in her slideshow! I just don't want her wedding day to arrive too quickly. Can I keep you little, sweet baby girl? I love your messy bed hair and bumps and bruises from your rough housing. I love your sticky fingers and sweet singing voice. I love how helpful you are and how you love fiercely. Your passion for life is amazing. You are a force baby girl! A mighty force with a strong will and a soft heart. I know God is going to do mighty things through you. Just let Him guide your steps and put your faith in'll be able to move mountains! I just love you Finley Rose!

I love that she has crazy hair from playing!

I love the little dimples in her sweet toddler hands as she adjusts her veil.

Aunt Sissy helping her adjust her dress.

Daddy & his girl!

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