Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Jammies & Dance Party

Last year after Christmas I bought the girls a couple of Christmas jammies that were on sale. Since there was no baby Emerson I didn't get him any! Grandma Davis also bought the girls a pair of cute Christmas gowns.


Tuesday night Finley's little dance class had their Christmas party. And then when we got home we found a super sweet letter from Grandma, telling Finley how well she did at her recital and thanking her for inviting her and Grandma Gracie. There was even a picture of a real hippo! Finley loves getting mail and seeing her name on envelopes!

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  1. The letter from Grandma brought instant tears to my eyes. What a perfect way to praise Finley for her hard work. Finley is a blessed little girl to have so many adoring people in her life.