Monday, December 10, 2012

Freezing Time

The girls and I made this little Christmas tree garland the other day. It was a lot of fun. I love just sitting and crafting with my girls. We paint and decorate and talk about how beautiful all the decorations are! We go goo-goo for glitter pens. Yes, crafting with little ones is messy and more times than not I get frustrated, but overall it's a fun bonding time.

Anyway, I saw this on....well, I'm sure you can guess where I saw this...PINTEREST! I cut paper plates into fourths and we painted them green. We used different brushes and sponges to get different textures. A couple of days later we decorated them with glitter pens, dot stickers, and star stickers.


I'm OBSESSED with my kiddos hands...the tiny little, chubby toddler hands...with the cute little dimples. It makes me sad that Finley's hand has gotten so big. I love how Emerson's little hand wraps around my finger. I like holding Finley & Rowynn's hands while we walk, read, cuddle...I just want to take every opportunity to freeze moments in time. It's going by so fast. Too fast. Can I just keep you precious ones little? So in efforts to capture moments in time...when their hands were little and always sticky...when their tiny hands fit securely in mine...when I was their best friend...little hands that hold plastic tea cups like their fine china...little hands that reach out to me when we pray...little hands that cause big messes...little hands that are always copying what mine do....sweet hands that try and catch bubbles...sweet little hands...

Anyway, where was I? Oh yea, freezing time. So we've been doing a lot of hand print crafts. Here's one we did for Christmas. The trunk are Kyle & mine's. The bottom two rows belong to Finley. The other three are Rowynn's and the sweet little star on top is Emerson's.


I picked up some pretty multi-colored lights at the store earlier today and Kyle hung them in the window. Most of our lights are white (on the tree, garland) so I wanted the girls to have some pretty colored ones. They were a HUGE HIT!! The girls went crazy over them!!

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