Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bushel & A Peck

Finley just finished her first year of dance! She had a spring recital on Saturday and danced to "I love you a bushel and a peck." She loved going to dance and loved Mrs. Lisa!! She start back up in the fall along with little sister.

Here is my girl on her first and last day of dance! Wow she has really grown up since August!

Here is the end of year gift we made for Mrs. Lisa. I had to go to three different fast food restuarants to find the right drink holder but  many weird looks later I was successful! Thanks Taco Bueno! I filled a mason jar with bird seed and glued a dollar store bird nest on top, bought a cute tumbler and filled it with drink packets, filled the carrier with tissue paper, wrapped it in craft tape, added a flower, and wrote a note on a paint strip that was in my purse...and had Finley sign her name! Super cute...I got a ton of compliments on it at class from the other moms.

A few months ago I saw this super cute thing on Pinterest and just knew I had to do it for my kiddos. I bought this book on sale at Target and will have every teacher, coach, etc sign it for Finley and give it to her once she graduates. Since we plan on homeschooling I wanted to include dance teachers and coaches so it's not just a book with notes from me! So Mrs. Lisa was our first teacher to sign it. I'll get books for the other two kiddos once they start dance/sports.
Finley in her costumes ready for pictures!
My girl & me in our matching recital t-shirts. They have the names of all the dancers on the back.

Getting ready to perform!

Finley and her dance friends.

Finley was so happy that Grandma came to watch her!

Finley with Grandma and Mrs. Penny--a sweet family friend--who also came with Grandma.

Grandma asked Finley to sign her program since she is such a star!!

Mimi, Papaw, Aunt Sissy, & Uncle Ben sent Finley flowers and balloons!

Loved watching our girl shine!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lenny & Lemonade

I don't think I've ever done a blog post on our pets! So here goes! For Rowynn's 2nd birthday my parents and sister and brother-in-law got Rowynn a pet guinea pig and a few days later we bought a beta fish. RoRo LOVES all things furry and crawly. She gets so giddy over animals, is always collecting rollie pollies, and loves any kind of animal. ANY.KIND.

So here is Lenny the Guinea. He is so playful and sweet. He loves apples, spinach and carrots, squeaks when he is happy or hungry, loves to be petted, and is huge!! We really need to get him a bigger cage so he can get more exercise. The girls love feeding him carrots and petting him. His cage gets messy super quick, so that's annoying, but still easier than a dog!


And Lemonade II...this is actually our third beta fish. Our first one, Bob, died a couple of months after we got him and Lemonade (the first), didn't survive over Christmas while we were away...his water got too cold! Oops! So the Sraders got Finley a new beta for her birthday!

We also get caterpillars each year and observe them turn into butterflies and I'd like to get Row a pet frog. We may soon have a small zoo!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Little Artist & Sno Cones

Both of my girls LOVE to draw/paint/create and they have both gotten pretty good at it lately. Check out some of these great drawings!!!

Finley drew this cupcake!

Finley's Art
Princess & Flowers
She's all girl!

Kyle taught Finley how to draw flowers, such a good daddy!

Rowynn's Happy Face, she's gotten good!

The other day we took the kids to get Sno Cones. My favorite summer treat!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finley turns Four

June 5th is a super special day in our family. It's the anniversary of my in-laws meeting for the first time. It's my husband's Chosen Day. And it's the day that I gave birth to our firstborn. What an incredibly special day!! I still can't believe she was actually born on Kyle's Chosen Day...I mean I wasn't induced or anything, I went into labor on my own. How crazy!? Thank you God for allowing her to be born on such a meaningful day and thank you for allowing me to be her Mommy!! I love this kiddo so much!

Finley Rose has really turned into a super neat kid. And I say kid because that's what she is. She's no longer a baby...or a toddler...she's a kid. How did that happen?!? She is a fantastic big sister and so super duper helpful. She is smart, sensitive, funny, sassy, compassionate, stubborn, beautiful, and always full of joy. She loves parties and celebrations of all kind, she loves to help cook, loves princesses, books, dance, her friends, and special treats. She is just amazing. I see so much of myself in her, for better or worse! She is determined, loves fiercely, and strong willed. I love my baby girl!!

On her actual birthday, I took the kids out to breakfast. Finley (wearing her birthday girl pin) choose donuts. After breakfast we continued our tradition of getting a balloon from Party City. She helped me bake and decorate a strawberry cake (loaded with sprinkles) and then that night we went to Chuck E. Cheese. She's been asking to go there for months, so we went on her special day!!

I found this cute birthday interview online and had fun asking her the questions. She wrote her name and age, but was busy doing something else, so it's not her best work. I love her answers, especially that when asked what she likes to do with Daddy she says, "Make spaghetti!" So thankful for a hubby who loves to cook and always includes the kiddos. And when asked what her favorite day is she said, "Saturday & Sunday because that's when Daddy is home!" And when asked what she likes to do with Mommy she said, "I like to play with Mommy and give hugs!" Such a sweet girl!

Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Emerson @ 8 Months

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is already 8 months old!!! I am so in love with that lovey bug! I thought I'd do a little blog all about my favorite son!

He is such a busy guy. He was my most active baby in the womb and that is still holding true. He is always on the move, into everything. He will make for one interesting toddler. He can sit up and army crawls around the whole house.


He has been awarded the "Best Davis Baby" award. Seriously, he is happy, content, chill, a good sleeper, on a great schedule, and never really fusses. Finley was a happy baby too, but not on a great schedule..but that's mostly our faults! Ha! Rowynn....well RoRo, was not a happy all! Thankfully she is now a pretty happy and incredibly sweet kid, although she has her beast moments.



Anyway, back to my lovey bug. He is on formula now because he wasn't gaining weight on Mommy milk, so we switched him to formula and is gaining weight nicely. He is 16 lbs and in a size 3 diaper. He had an ear infection at his 6 month check-up but that has cleared up. He adores his big sisters, loves to swing, loves balloons, swimming, avocado, banana, sweet potato, his glo-baby, Mr. Fox, his blanket, his daddy, reading, balls, and climbing in tight spaces. He can say "Ma-ma" and "Da-da" and ALWAYS has his tongue sticking out. I call him "Brother-Butt" or "Lovey Bug" and Kyle calls him "Boudreaux" We have a thing in our family where everyone has several nicknames! That's just how we roll!

He is our one and only thumb sucker and it is the cutest thing ever! He usually wakes up between 6-7 and goes down for a morning nap between 9-10 and sleeps until about 12. His afternoon nap is sometime between 2-4 and goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up about 11 for his last feeding.

I have made up a song for him (I make up songs a lot. Like all the time...I'm my father's daughter. And apparently I've passed this on to Finley because she makes up songs too)

                         Lovey bug, lovey bug
                         Oh my lovey bug
                         Lovey bug, lovey bug
                         Sweet-sweet lovey bug
                         Lovey bug, lovey bug
                         Oh my lovey bug
                         You are my lovey bug!

  (and sometimes I'll sing a second and third verse and trade Emerson or Baby Boy for Lovey bug)

Dear Emerson,

I love you so much lovey bug! You have made us all so happy and filled us with so much joy. Your sisters are enamored by you, they absolutely love their baby! Your Daddy is so smitten, he's so proud to have a son and so tickled that you both share a middle name. He loves reading poems to you and you get so excited when he comes home in the evenings. Although you are quite the Momma's boy!!! You are my little love bug and are always snuggling with me. You love to pull my hair and take off your Daddy's glasses. You aren't too fond of large crowds, but are a very happy baby. You love water..swimming, bathtime. You are such a sweetie pie and I feel so blessed that you are my son. I love you so much baby boy and pray that you grow into a man after God's heart. You are so strong and love to explore. You are my baby boy and I will love you forever!!