Sunday, November 17, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a blast on Halloween this year. The girls were so excited to dress up and eat candy. They wanted to be princesses this year, which was super easy for me. I found these adorable royal princess dresses at Cracker Barrel for $20, cheaper than most princess dress-up dresses from Walmart. I loved the fact that they were long sleeved and different than just Disney dresses. We decided that Emerson could be a royal knight. We've only done family costumes one year, but we will totally be doing them next year, because the girls kept asking what we were going to be and I know they would love us all dressed up...maybe as the Ingalls?!?

The day before Halloween we went to Kyle's work for their annual Family Halloween party. We love where Kyle works, they are always doing neat things for the kids, Kyle is able to work from home on Tuesday mornings, and they offer great benefits!

They had department decorating/costume competitions and it was so fun to walk through each area. They also had trick-or-treating, games, cotton candy, popcorn, and more games!
The morning of Halloween I took the kids to Ihop for free pancakes!
Then we came home and at our own little homeschool party. We guessed the number of candy corns, went bobbing for apples, played scarecrow toss, ate popcorn, listened to fun Halloween music, ate pumpkin shaped pasta, and watched Monsters Inc. Super fun day! I'm all about creating memories, traditions, and fun!
When Kyle got home we headed to the fields for the annual Fall Fest! Free snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, bounce houses, candy, a petting zoo, pony rides, music and more!
Then we headed to our sweet friends house, the Cuchens, for supper, group trick-or-treating, and a viewing of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Poor Finley, about 10 minutes into trick-or-treating her tummy started hurting so she and Kyle went back to the Cuchens' house and rested, told stories, and Kyle played the piano for her. They ended up having a really fun time. But I hated we weren't together.


 We came home and put the kiddos to bed and Kyle and I snuck some of their candy while relaxing in front of the tv. Such a fun night!

And just for fun, a look back on our Halloweens....

2008: At our lifegroup Christmas party, 8 weeks along with Finley

2009: Our sweet flower Finley was almost 5 months old and we spent the night passing out candy

2010: Finley was a strawberry fairy and Rowynn (who was a month old) was a little monster. We went to our playgroup party and spent the night at home. That year was all about survival

2011: Our only year (so far) of family costumes. Kyle was the ring leader and lion tamer, I was a cotton candy vendor, Rowynn was cotton candy, and Finley was a clown. We went to a playgroup party, to the fields, out to dinner with the Sraders and trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.

2012: The girls were little red riding hood and Emerson (who was 4 weeks old) wore a skeleton onesie. Fun at the fields and trick-0r-treating.

2013: What fun we had!





Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cooler Weather Fun

We've been enjoying this cooler weather. It has been so nice and we are taking advantage of  it!
A visit to the park is always fun!

The girls picking "blackberries."

We got them hot chocolate one chilly day, they were thrilled to have their own "coffee!"

We had some sweet friends over and carved/decorated a pumpkin. Of course the girls loved Cinderella's carriage! We also roasted pumpkin seeds and read a couple of great pumpkin books.


Going for one of our walks around the neighborhood. We always have to stop and pick flowers.

Going for a walk!

They love playing the piano together.
Drinking hot cocoa by the fire while I read Little House on the Prairie. Cozy bliss.

I made homemade cinnamon donuts--so easy!

We had a fire in our fire pit the other night. The girls love when we do this and Emerson loves eating as many marshmallows as he can stuff in his little mouth!

My manly man keeping the fire going. He's totally smokin'

Love trying to make our days special and fun.

Another park visit after a full morning of homeschooling.

 A couple of weekends ago we went to a little festival in downtown Carrollton which meant that we just had to eat at Babe's.

The kids got to bounce, explore a fire truck, make crafts, listen to music, and so much more at the festival.

We visited Grandma & Grandpa one day and had a picnic at the park. So much fun!!!
Fire, hot dogs, marshmallows, and fun in the tent. Family fun at it's finest.
Random Tuesday night "Pizza & Pumpkin Painting Party!"

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall/Apple Learning

I love this time of year and we have been having some fun with our school! Love all our fall themed activities!!! Hope you can get inspired to make learning fun and can see how easy it is!

I set up this little apple store for the kids. I bought a tri-fold board from the dollar store, but a hole in the center, stapled some black construction paper and apples we already had and bam, instant apple store...not to be confused with an Apple/Mac store...which  is frowned upon in this house! I also dug out our apple/fall books, and set up a little sensory bin with other goodies. Such a big hit. The girls played apple store for a solid three weeks. And Finley learned to spell "apple." Nice.


 This was a fun craft I found online. I scented the paint with apple pie spice and cinnamon and it made for a yummy smelling apple pie craft! The girls loved it!

Emerson and his leaf sensory tray. Big hit. Big mess.
We also made apple scented play-dough. The girls had fun making "apple pies" with this.



Apple stamping...I think we've done this every year. Cutting open the apples allow for some fun dialogue and great learning experiences. Easy and fun!
Found this pack of pumpkins die cuts and plastic pumpkins in the dollar spot at Target...great for counting and math! We've used these a done of different ways.

Leaf rubbing.

I labeled these acorn stickers and Rowynn got to practice counting and number identification.

Fun apple puzzle from the dollar store.


Making mini-apple pies. The girls love to cook.

They were so yummy!

I hid foam pumpkins around the house for the girls to find. They brought them back to their "pumpkin patch" (green construction paper) and we counted to see who had the most, who had the least, we skip counted them by 2's and 3's, made math sentences and so much more. What a easy and fun way to practice our math skills!

Making patterns with our pumpkins

Finley colored this fun placemat, how cute!

I hung foam apples that had letters on them and the girls practiced letter sounds and spelling. We used these same apples last year! Great buy for a couple of bucks!

I set up this super fun sensory area in our sand and water table...oh what fun they have had!!

Pumpkin Patch Party

I know this is late...but I seriously have no idea where the month of October went...or half of November for that matter. Jeez-o these months are flying by!

About a week after Emerson turned one we had a little party for his local family and friends at the local pumpkin patch. Our family loves going to the Flower Mound Pumpkin patch every year so it was the perfect spot for our little guy's party.

We had so much fun with our sweet friends!


The food spread

Hummus & carrots.

Pumpkin pb&j and corn dog muffins.

Favors-Each kiddo got to pick a pie pumpkin and got a little trail mix bag.

Sweet birthday boy!


Technically this is his second year at the patch. The first year he was 4 weeks old and I got a pic of him in the stroller by this sign.

See? this was 2012

Grandma & her grandkids

Such sweet kiddos!

Eating his birthday cupcake. He's an old pro now...

We got our own private hayride! Score!

The gang!

Kat & her sweet fella, Elias

My two favorite fellas

The kids picking their pumpkins.

Emerson's first bounce house. He LOVED it!

Clearly not having fun...

Daddy "buying" a pumpkin from Ro's Pumpkin Store.

Silly Daddy!

These little people make my heart happy!

Mommy & her special!

Hey, at least Kyle & I are looking...this is as good as it gets people!