Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Last night the family and I celebrated New Year's Eve by having our own little party at home. We've been going and going and going so it was so nice just to celebrate with our family of five in our home.

We had such a blessed year; Kyle & I celebrated 6 years of marriage, we found out we were expecting baby #3, bought a mini van, Finley turned 3 in June with a fun Rainbow Art Party and Rowynn turned 2 with an awesome Teddy Bear Picnic party in September and on October 1, our third child and only boy, Emerson Kyle was born weighing a whopping 8 lbs 14 oz!

We camped out with our friends the Sraders and rejoiced when they brought home their son, T. James & T are such awesome kiddos! They cooked many meals for us while I was big and preggo and generally pampered us. I look forward to pampering them as they are expecting #3 this year. And I can't wait until T's adoption is finalized! We had many play dates, enjoyed many fun times at the water park, went back to Sandy Lake Amusement park with my parents, went on a mini vacation to east Texas, and attended our annual family reunion. Both of my in-laws turned 60 and are a continued blessing in our lives.

Finley started going to Awanas and started dance lessons...and she performed in her first recital. Rowynn got her first hair cut, and Emerson smiled, laughed and rolled over for the first time. Finley learned to ride a bike, learned her letter sounds, how to tell imaginative stories, some simple math, and Rowynn learned some of her letters, her colors, fun songs, and begin talking up a storm...the girls and I had fun with our "homeschooling!" The girls got obsessed with princesses and castles and have fallen in love with audio books. They have enjoyed cooking and taking care of baby brother.

Kyle went on a out-of-state business conference, went to see Pentatonix in concert and got a raise. We enjoyed a snow, made many crafts, went to a concert at church, had family pictures made, and we took the kiddos to the zoo for the first time with Kyle's parents.

What a blessed year!!

Here are some pictures from our fun night.

Finley looking fancy for the party!

Being silly with the grape juice...and Finley photo bombing!

Sparkling grape juice, party tray and cookies to make!


Daddy & E-Man!

Making the pizza. They LOVE to make pizza!

Daddy and the crackers/poppers!

They each had a joke, a party hat, and a small toy.

Dad's party hat!

Balloons and parachute...a fun way to count down!


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