Saturday, January 26, 2013

Painting, Puzzles, & More

The other day my dining room table may have looked like this:

My girls love to paint; especially Rowynn. I didn't mind the mess; it was easily cleaned up and I loved watching my girls create! 

Finley loves to paint rainbows. She learned last spring, before her Rainbow birthday party and has enjoyed it ever since. She knows the order in which the colors appear and I just love her sweet rainbows!

Finley also likes to paint ice cream cones.

My parents got the kiddos this game for Christmas. (Sequence for Kids). They really love playing with it! I love that they are old enough to enjoy board games.

My mom bought this puzzle for Finley from the dollar store and I got her a princes puzzle also from the dollar store. Finley has enjoyed putting the puzzles together. She loves the story of the Three Little Pigs so she loves this puzzle.
Sweet boy. I laid him on his play mat for a minute the other day and when I came back he was snoozing!

Random craft of the day. I dug out my circle hole punch and used it to cut green circles out of paper. The girls glued them to form a caterpillar and added eyes, noses, mouths, and legs. Then they tore and cut construction paper and glued them in the outline of a butterfly. Something bright and cheerful to decorate the playroom!
Finley has talked about monsters and dragons before, and mostly the dragons and monsters chase Princesses. I want to make monsters silly so this was a fun activity. I saw this on pinterest and it was a super easy activity to put together. I just randomly stuck different sizes of "googly" eyes and had the girls finish drawing the faces. Then we named our monsters and made up a little story.

Finley's monsters
Rowynn's monsters
The other day I overheard the girls playing. They had their counting bears, a plastic fireman, and their barn. They were acting out the story of the three little bears. Finley had a perfect retelling. She loves acting out stories. Of course, in this rendition, Goldilocks was a Fireman. Gotta love that imagination!

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