Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas with the Davis Family

On New Year's Eve we loaded up the minivan and drove to Ft. Worth to celebrate Christmas with Kyle's parents and grandmother. We had a wonderful time and hated to leave so soon, but we wanted to miss 5:00 traffic and didn't want to be on the roads too late since it was a holiday.

We were all spoiled with some yummy gumbo and wonderful presents! It was so wonderful to spend some time with some of our favorite people! So thankful for God bringing me into this family.

Emerson with his Great-Grandma Gracie. She is one of the most wonderful people in the world! So very kind, funny, and super energetic...she never sits down! She held baby E, helped the girls open gifts, cleaned the kitchen, and played Ring-around-the-Rosie with the girls. Seriously, she has more energy than me!

The stockings. Grandma personally made each one and I just love them. They are so beautiful! I love that she adds a new picture ever year. We had fun pulling all the pictures out and looking back through the years.

Finley telling Grandpa the story of Jesus' birth.

Daddy & Emerson listening to Grandpa read the Christmas story.

On of my favorite pictures. Four generations. Kyle with his kids, mom, and grandma!
 Grandma is a super grandma. Every time the girls go over there she does crafts with them, they make me cards, she plays outside with them and lets them pick flowers from her garden. She has fun movies about Jesus, sweet books, and an endless supply of chocolate milk. She lets the girls help her cook and does fun stuff with them.  She has fun toys, craft supplies, and is always on the floor playing with them. She makes everything so fun and is wonderful with traditions. Seriously, she is awesome! Every year, since Finley was 6 months old, we have decorated a missions tree. Since my in-laws have spent many years as missionaries in Africa, this is something dear to all of our hearts. Grandma glued different map pieces to star ornaments and we decorate the tree with places all over the world and pray for our missionaries. I love how the make everything so fun and memorable!

Finley holding the star with Uganda on it. The place where Grandma & Grandpa have spent many years. Daddy has even been there too!

Grandma Gracie helping Rowynn decorate the tree.

Grandma & the girls!

Emerson with his stocking!

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