Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homemade Gifts

This year we had the girls help me make a few homemade gifts for some of our loved ones. I found these ideas on pinterest and they were a big hit. I really want my kiddos to have a heart that loves to give and this was one way to teach them the importance of giving.

First up, home made bath salts. I found this idea here. Super easy. To some Epson Salt, Finley added a few drops of purple food coloring and some lavender essential oil. Then she and Rowynn stirred and scooped it in to jars. They added a sticker and some pretty ribbon! Fun gift for their grandmas, Aunt Sissy, and great-grandmas.

Finished bath salts!
 Next, homemade potpourri. Into clear bags the girls took turns adding one orange, a cup of cranberries, three cinnamon sticks, a tbs of whole cloves, and some ground nutmeg. To use just quarter the orange and simmer in water. Smells wonderful! They passed these out to some of their Aunts. Thanks pinterest!
 And finally, some homemade BBQ sauce. I came up with the idea and Kyle & Finley did all the work! Kyle researched canning and found a good recipe. He let Finley help him add the ingredients. I also let Finley and Rowynn paint these wooden basting brushes to go along with them. Found that idea here.  They gave these to their Papaw, Uncle Ben, and Poppy.

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