Thursday, January 24, 2013

Animals, The Mitten, & Some Princesses

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago and just never got blogged about.
Finley has been obsessed with hippos ever since her winter recital, (she danced to "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas") so we bought her a little plastic hippo. Emerson also got a few large plastic animals in his stocking for Christmas. I found a book on our shelf called, "Wild Animals." I bought this book a couple of years ago from the dollar store, and to my surprise I realized that 4 of the 5 animals were the same as the plastic animals that Emerson got for Christmas. Know what the fifth one was? A hippo! So I gathered all 5 of our plastic animals and but them together with the book. We read the book several times and the girls loved playing with the animals as we read about them. It's important for kiddos to be read non-fiction books as well as fiction so this was a fun non-fiction book activity. After we read the book we made a chart and talked about everything we had learned from the book.
Animals & Book
We made hippos to go along with our book. I found this temple on line and the girls enjoyed painting and coloring it.

The other day we had some sweet friends come over to play. While they were here we read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. I found a mitten outline from Jan Brett's website along with each of the animals featured in the story. I glued the mitten to a brown paper bag and we took turns "wearing" the mitten. Then as we read the story the girls took turns putting the animal in the mitten. At the end of the story I tossed all of the animals out of the bag/mitten just like in the book. Next, we put all of the animals back in the bag and the girls took turns picking one animal and we charted which animal was picked.

The girls love to dress up and much of the day I had four little princesses running around! Love all of these precious girls! So thankful for sweet friends for my kiddos!

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