Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Pictures

Finley is still very much in love with her Princess Panda and for Christmas Grandma & Grandpa Davis got her a purple panda towel that matches perfectly. She LOVES it! Rowynn also got a pink butterfly towel and Emerson got a blue shark towel.
Both of the girls with their towels.
Earlier in the month we said goodbye to the pacifiers in this house. The paci has been a beloved compainion for both of my girls and we let them keep it for far too long. It just never seemed the right time. Babies were being born and we didn't want to rock the boat with all the changes that have occurred over the last three years. So we put it off. But finally it was time. We are about to potty train Rowynn and Emerson doesn't take one (he's apparently our thumb sucker) so it was now or never. We had each of them kiss their paci and say goodbye. And then we tied them to balloons and let them go. We sent them up to the paci fairy so she could give them to other baby girls. Good idea in theory. As soon as we released them the balloons got stuck in the tree out front. Like so stuck that Kyle had to get the huge tree trimmer thingy and cut them out. And then because the paci was too heavy for the balloon it never really got much air. The balloon kind of sadly walked down the street with the paci slightly dragging on the sidewalk. Y'all it was the most pathetic thing ever. Apparently the paci didn't want to leave our house either. The girls handled it pretty well. Finley asked for it several times and that night Rowynn ran to the door and begged to go outside to get her paci. Row cried a few nights and asked for it; she didn't fully understand where it was. Poor baby. But after a few nights, neither one of them have asked for it. Rowynn will sometimes chew on her blanket as she's going to sleep. Broke my heart to take their pacis, but it needed to be done!
Using the paci one last time. Gotta love this big cheesin' grin!


Last time with the paci.


Emerson has been sleeping in his crib since earlier this month. He cuddles with this fox every night!

The other morning we woke up to a light snow. Kyle got the girls bundled up and let them play outside for a few minutes.

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