Monday, November 5, 2012

Costume Parties

On October 26, we attended two costume parties. That morning (after the girls had a check-up at the dentist) we headed to my friend Maile's house for our Wotts play group party. It was a lot of fun seeing all the cute kiddies dressed up, visiting with fellow moms, and snacking on yummy food. This was Emerson's first play group!
Emerson and his first mail, a Halloween card from Mimi & Papaw

Sweet Briana, she was a "bumble-bri!"

Every time we go to the Srader's home Rowynn makes a bee-line for the table and climbs up and demands food...this girl cracks me up! She knows that we always eat good at the Sraders!

My sweet Finley. Both of the girls were Little Red Riding Hood. My friend Jessica made the costumes and she did a fabulous job!

Jeremy & Emerson

Maile & Buzz Lightyear!

Baby Liam, such a cutie!
Baby Liam & his sweet momma!
Me & my little skeleton!
 Later that night we were invited to the Cuchens' home for a Costume Party. Laurie did a wonderful job decorating and her house was packed with friends and lots of laughter! The kids had a blast running around the back yard with their flashlights and they both were so excited to have ring pops!
Little Red Riding Hoods & The big bad wolf!


The food spread, so yummy!
The big bad wolf chasing the girls!

My baby girl! She loves her costume!
Such cuties!!
We had such a wonderful day with all our sweet friends. So very blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. We don't have a lot of family close so it is so nice to have friends who are like family.

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