Sunday, November 18, 2012


These sweet kiddos sure do love each other! Finley has once again taken her role as big sis with grace and is so extremely helpful. They both are really. They sing to brother, give him his paci when he cries, cover him in kisses, and just love him so much!  Rowynn is absolutely in love with her baby. like she just radiates joy when he is near. They fetch things for me when I'm nursing him and don't have an available hand. They are patient (for the most part) when I have to tend to the baby instead of playing with them. I try to balance their needs and make sure to tell Emerson that he needs to wait sometimes so the girls aren't the only ones hearing, "hang on a minute."

Look at that sweet baby smile!

He is such a happy baby!

Snuggling with sister before bedtime!

Getting sugars!

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