Tuesday, November 13, 2012

@Home Learning!

This is a neat little sensory tub my friend Maile put together. The girls love playing in it and sorting everything.

Silk leaves, felt owls, fabric strips, acorns, acorn bells, plastic pumpkins/gourds, small leaves, and red plastic leaves.

We had fun drawing faces on our acorns.

Great activity from Maile. I drew numbers on small sticky notes and Finley had to count the stars and then find the correct number and put in the box. I figured the sticky notes would be easier since she can't draw her numbers yet.

Words their Way picture sort! Finley did really great with this! Thanks Maile!

This is sideways, but you get the idea. We used our Unifix cubes to help us add!

Finley is forever finding number and letters in everyday objects. Pretzels, pictures, etc. Here she noticed that the way the computer charger was laying it made a 2.

Here she noticed that the silver coffee cup holder made a Y.

We have been enjoying our fall themed books. This day we read Scarecrow's Secret but before we read it we did a picture walk and we talked about 3 questions we wanted the answers to after we read it. Working on reading comprehension skills!

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