Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving (and a couple of extra days) with Kyle's parents. It was a lot of fun! Kyle's mom out did herself once again. She worked hard and cooked a lot of food! It was all delicious. We ate, played outside with the kids, Finley worked on the dollhouse with Grandpa, ate some more, played Memory, danced, played with glow sticks, went to the zoo, and ate, ate, ate, ate!

Working on the dollhouse. Finley loves to help Grandpa.

My guys!

Glow stick fun in Grandma's big tub!

The girls had countless tea parties and at one point their was a heart "cookie" (coaster) on Emerson...apparently he was having a tea party too!

Finley dancing with the Rockettes!

Grandma dancing with the girls! They have such a fun grandma!

Stephen Kyle & Emerson Kyle

The girls helping with the rolls.

Getting ready to dig in!


Playing Princess Memory
My two turkeys playing outside! I wish I had gotten a pic of all three kiddos, or a family pic...oh well!

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