Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random Pictures!


How did these two get so big? Seriously, Finley looks about 5 in this picture!!!

So this picture is sideways, but I don't know why! A couple of weeks ago my sweet boy turned a month old! Not cool, E, not cool. Time slow down!

Finley before Awanas last week. She's such a big girl!

Little man loves his swing!
Sometimes he doesn't like his swing.

Grandma spent the night with us the other night and Finley insisted that she read them bed time stories. Grandma was all too happy to oblige! These girls love their Grandma...and Grandma loves them too!

Finley LOVES to dress up. Like everyday. This is her one morning before a walk around the neighborhood. She'll say, "Don't you love my beautiful pink dress, it's so magical!" Both the girls are obsessed with "Rella" (Cinderella) and "Punzel" (Rapunzel). They love all things princess! We had a play group party here a couple of days ago and at one point there were 5 little girls "getting fancy." It was too cute! 

Last weekend Rowynn ran a really high fever so we drug the mattress into the living room, put on a movie, got a fire going, and watched movies all day. The yellow bear Ro is snuggling with was once my bear. Sugar Bear was given to my mom before I was born and I use to drag it everywhere. Ro has claimed it as hers now!

My beautiful girl! I love this little 3 year old so stinkin' much!

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