Thursday, September 6, 2012

The house that Grandpa built

About two months ago my father-in-law surprised the girls with a custom built doll house. This beautiful creation was truly a labor of love. He spent many hours and many months carefully constructing, painting, wallpapering (pretty sure that's not a real word), wiring lights, and adding minute details to this masterpiece. Kyle & I saw some of the progress throughout the months, but when it was done we were both blown away. When I was a little girl I could only dream of a dollhouse like this. It is amazing. And the girls LOVE it.

The night they were gifted with it they were both so happy and giggly. Finley kept saying, "I'm so proud of the house you built for me Grandpa!" And Rowynn kept saying, "House, house, house, wow!" It came fully furnished with working lights and everything. And the girls have spent countless hours playing with it!!!!

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