Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Here are some cute little videos of my sweet girls. Enjoy!

So okay, everytime you ask Rowynn, "What color is this?" She will usually answer one of two ways. Either "blue," or if the item is green, she'll say, "Frog!" This girl LOVES her little Scentsy frog. It's so cute! She sleeps with it everynight and usually drags it around during the day. Which reminds me, I should probably wash Mr. Froggie. Anyway, here is a video showing some of the love she has for


Here is Finley doing a retelling of The Three Little Pigs. I found these cute printables from pinterest and they've been a huge hit!

This is my loud girl performing for me.

This is Finley spelling her & Rowynn's names. She has known how to do this for a while, I just kept forgetting to video it. Love her sweet little voice.

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