Friday, September 7, 2012

A weekend away

At the beginning of August we took a little vacation. We met my parents in Nacogdoches, TX to spend the weekend in a cabin. It was so much fun. The property was beautiful, in the middle of the woods with a wonderful wooden swing, a big porch, nice rooms, a pool, a beautiful main house that served a hot complimentary breakfast, and a little fishing pond. And I'm telling you, the only way to vacation is with parents! It was sooooooooooo nice. The girls slept in my parents room during nap time and at night so it was like Kyle & I had a little retreat built into our family vacay! We also had help wrangling the girls which is always nice. Papaw walked with them through the woods, we swam, and shopped at several little antique stores downtown. We also ate at this AMAZING Italian restaurant.  It was really neat to get back to Nacogdoches. Kyle & I spent our first honeymoon there, (we were blessed with a second honeymoon six months after our Italy, Greece, & Croatia) staying in a secluded cabin at Stag Leap. So the last time we were in Nacogdoches we were star-eyed newlyweds! Now, 6 1/2 years later we were there again, still star-eyed with our 3 year old, almost 2 year old, and baby boy on the way!

Our cabin!
A trip to see Mimi & Papaw just wouldn't be complete without presents for the there not spoiled at all!
Rowynn loved her "Ooh Ooh, Aah Aah"

Cute umbrella!

Swimming with Papaw!

Rocking dollies in an antique shop!

Just a swingin'

Emerson swinging with momma!

Finley pushing Daddy and Rowynn pushing Papaw!

They really liked the hammock!

Papaw playing peek-a-boo!
Saw this on the phone outside! How cool?!?


Enjoying breakfast!

"Driving" Mimi's car.

Shopping...she's such a sassy one! I love it :)

Olive Garden

Looking at the menu.
Mimi & Papaw with little RoRo
These girls sure do love their Mimi & Papaw!

This is what happens when we take them away from their beloved Mimi & Papaw to take a family picture. Sheesh, you would think we torture them!

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