Friday, June 8, 2012

Pink Cake & Tea Time

A couple of weeks ago while shopping, Finley asked if we could buy the stuff to make a pink cake. And I said, "Sure sweet girl, why not!" So we bought strawberry cake mix and pink frosting. And of course we already had sprinkles! So a couple of days later we baked the cake and I stuck it in the fridge to cool so we could frost it later. Well the next day I was super sick so Daddy decided icing a cake with his two girls would be mucho fun. These girls sure have a great daddy! I crawled out of bed to snap a couple of pictures (and just ignored the pink mess that was all over my girls and my dining room table). After all, I knew my hubby would clean it up. Cause he just rocks like that!

Needless to say, the girls had a blast. Ignore their bed hair...remember momma was sick, and while my hubby is awesome at cooking, cleaning, and being super dad, he hasn't quite managed the talent of taming little locks.

"Hey momma, look what we made!"

Dumping the one spot.

My three messes!

A couple of days later (and with momma back from the living dead) I asked them if they would like to have a tea, duh mom! I dug out a pretty set that once belonged to their Great-Grandma Wanda Davis and poured milk into the tea pot. And of course we served our pink cake on the little plates. They had so much fun pouring, and re-pouring, and pouring again. Of course it was a mess, but hey, all the fun stuff is! I just got so tickled watching them and thinking that if Grandma Wanda was here she would have just loved having two great-granddaughters. I mean the lady's kitchen was painted baby pink...she would have eaten all this girly-ness up!

I love having two girls! I can't wait to see what baby brother thinks of all this. I'm sure in a couple of years he'll be forced to have tea parties with his big sisters!

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