Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Fun Part 1

Yes, I do realize it is September. Oh well, my camera cord has been acting up for the last couple of months and I was just able to get my pictures on the computer. So here is part of our summer in pictures. I'll have more picutres later, for now here is the first part!

Kyle's father's day gift. The girls stamped their finger prints on a mat and I "interviewed" Finley; asking her questions about her daddy.

My favorites include: He likes to love us. And when she calls him a princess. That is highest praise from a 3 year old girl!

Splashing at the Rainforest Aquatic Center. We got a book of passes this summer and enjoyed many trips there!

The little one on the slide!

Daddy & Finley waiting to get splashed.
And boy did they ever get splashed! She loved it!

Rowynn and on of her true loves...crackers!!!

Daddy & Finley chatting!

Fourth of July crafts they made with Grandma Davis

Our buddy James at the Fourth of July fireworks show!

Maile & Finley waiting for the fireworks to start.

Rowynn enjoying her snack!

The girlies on the fourth!

Finley got obsessed with having lemonade stands all summer long. I bought her a little sign and lemonade jug from Target and she had so much fun! She would say, "First you need lemons, and then sugar, and then water. Then you stir it all up!"

Daddy and his girls at our buddy Liam's birthday party!

Baby Liam turns one!! His momma did such a good job with his party!

Baby Liam's party!

There was a little photo taking area with neat props!

Cowgirl Finley!
Both girls LOVE to help cook!

Making spaghetti with daddy!

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