Monday, September 10, 2012

WOTTs Kick-Off Party!

Last Friday our play group hosted a fall kick-off party. Wotts, which stands for Women of Titus Two is our church-based play group that has been going strong for three years now. Our play group is such a blessing; we get together every Friday for a different play date and have so much fun. Whitney, Lindsay, Amber & I worked together to plan the events and our first one of the year went great!

We hosted a "Back to School" themed brunch with crafts and a photo staging area. We also had a school supply drive for our church preschool.

School Supply Drive for our Preschool!

The yummy food and cute decor!
Veggies & dip, baked oatmeal, sugar cookie fruit pizzas, chicken salad sandwiches.

Ham & cheese sandwiches, cream cheese cucumber sandwiches, taco bites, apple slices and cream cheese carmel dip, tomato-mozzarella-basil bites, and cake!
Adorable cake!
Make your own trail mix! Rowynn loved the marshmallows!

The photo & prop area.

Lindsay setting up our school bus craft.

I sure do love this kiddo!

Some sweet friends posing!

Sassy Sweethearts!
We had a ton of sweet friends show up and I meant to take more pictures once the event got started, but my sweet RoRo Faith decided to completely melt down for most of the play date so the camera got tossed aside! But it was super fun and I'm so glad we had such a great turn-out!

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