Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teddy Bear Picnic

Yesterday we celebrated Rowynn's birthday with our family and friends. She won't actually turn two until the 27th of the month, but as that is 3 days before my due date we decided to celebrate a couple of weeks early. Although rain was in the forecast, the day turned out to be perfect for our outside Teddy Bear Picnic. No rain, no!!!

Here is her invite, ordered from here. Jenni also made the birthday banner and cupcake toppers and she did a fabulous job!

The Decorations

Wreath+silk sunflowers+.67 teddy bear+burlap string+hot glue=simple decor!

The girls Ikea table/chairs, play picnic set and their pretty bears!
The Games
Ring Toss
Bear Basket Toss
Make-a-Bear Mask
Go on a Bear Hunt
Egg & Spoon Rave

Bear Basket Toss
I glued sunflowers to some cute "apple" baskets (I don't know if they're really called that, but that's what I call them!) and the kiddos took turns tossing little stuffed bears from Hobby Lobby.

The little bears!

I found this idea here. Spray paint Root Beer bottles, place in crate. The rings are embroidery hoops (the inner ones) with scrap fabric wrapped around.

Egg & Spoon Race
Adapted from here and here.
I found those cute little teddy bears at Hobby Lobby for $.67 and hot glued them to small picnic baskets and then dug out a few plastic eggs. The wooden spoons ($.99) I painted brown and added little faces (with Sharpie), felt ears (thanks Stacy), and flower/star stickers.

Bear masks found at Michaels with stickers, pom poms, glue, and markers. Bear hunt supplies consisted of toilet paper binoculars, found here, and little stuffed bears from Hobby Lobby.

Finley's favorite game, Hopscotch! Thanks to my sis for drawing this!

Some of the games being played!

James was excellent at tossing the bears in!

Racing with her egg.
T & James making bear masks!

Finley, Rowynn, David, & Stacy playing a remix version of the bear toss game. Finley kept calling David "Baby Brother...."

The girlies playing Ring Toss!

This is how RoRo rolls :)

"I'm going on a bear hunt, I'm going to catch a big one..."

Grandma helping Rowynn get her bear!

"I see a bear!"
I found you!!!
The Food
Deli Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Bear Shaped PB & J (thanks Ganny)
Homemade Mac-n-cheese in individual bowls (thanks hubby)
Veggies, dip, bear shaped cheese
Chips & Pretzels
Carmel Toffee Corn
S'more mix (Teddy Grahams, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows)
Honey Pot & Teddy Bear cookies (thanks Susan)
Mini fruit pizza (sugar cookies, home made frosting, fruit--found here)
Carmel Apple Dip found here
Cupcakes (thanks Susan)
Lemonade (thanks Ganny)
Root "Bear" Floats

Lemonade in a cute bee hive container...thanks Susan!
Applesauce to go!



The Favors
Picnic Basket
Teddy Bears (of course!)
Red snack bags full of chocolate teddy grahams
Teddy bear container full of local honey
Teddy bear snack cup ($.50 at the Dollar Store...score) with a Ring Pop
Winnie-the-Pooh stickers
"Teddy Bears Picnic" book

She loved all of her wonderful presents. She'd open them, hold it up and say, "Wow!"

Jacob, Melissa, & Liam

Whitney & Brianna

Sisters getting some lemonade

"Shop, shop, shop!!"

The box is a habitat for a tad pole...and since my little one LOVES all things frogs, this will be perfect!

Happy birthday sweet girl!


A huge THANK YOU to all of my wonderful family who helped me decorate, entertain little ones, make food and all other party prep. My sis and bro-in-law came in even though my sister worked (nights) the day before and the day they left and my bro-in-law had tons of homework and had to take a test. My grandma was a machine, helping me make stuff, cleaning up, and helping around the house. My dad fixed things, put presents together, and did a lot of heavy lifting. My mom bought the cupcakes & cookies, got the girls fed, dressed, and kept them happy. Stacy also helped with some of the decorating. And of course my husband who helped me plan, shop, cook, clean, make games, and put up with a crazy, very pregnant wife who tends to go a bit overboard with parties! My family totally rocks!!!

I'm also super-duper thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate, our family and friends totally make the party a huge hit. I love and appreciate that everyone took time out of their busy Saturday to come over and celebrate sweet RoRo!


  1. Girlie! Everything looks wonderful! You really should consider being a party planner when your kids are a little older. You have a gift!

  2. It was a lot of fun! It's hilarious that Finley was calling David "baby brother!" She'll be in for a surprise when she meets her real baby brother!