Thursday, July 11, 2013

Run or Dye 5K

Several months ago I heard about this super duper fun 5k and just knew that I wanted to do it. I've always wanted to get into running and do a 5K (and maybe a marathon) and I thought this would be a fun one to do for my first 5k. I wanted something relaxed, where I could go at my own pace and enjoy myself. Run or Dye was just that! It isn't timed and was such a blast! Everyone was super nice and happy and it was just a great atmosphere. I told my sister about it and we decided to do it together. I was super pumped to have my little sis join me!

The kids and I went the day before to pick up our packets and swag bags! We each got a back pack, t-shirt, a bag of dye, a couple of temporary tattoos, bracelet, and then I bought us more dye and some sunglasses.

We got up super early and headed down to the train station. I kept asking myself why I was up so early on a Saturday....why did I wake my kids up 2 hours earlier than they normally wake up? Why was I going to run/walk 3ish miles? Why did I think this would be fun? And I paid for this? What was I thinking?!?

Anyway, so we rode the train to Fair Park...which was fun until about 5 stops before Fair the time we got to our stop there were approximately 5321 people on our little section of the train. Like for And we had a double and single stroller to try and maneuver. Fun times. So we made it and headed to the starting line.

The people. Oh.the.people. I have no idea how many people were doing this 5k, but I saw peeps with numbers 0138 and peeps with number yea. At the starting line they sent groups of 500-700 people every 5 minutes for about two hours.

They had a DJ at the starting line and people were singing, throwing dye, laughing, and just generally having a great time. Once the race started they had dye stations every half mile where people would throw dye on you. It was so fun. I knew it would be, but had no idea how much fun. It was nice to step outside my role as Mommy and just do something for me. I had some fun one on one time with my sis. My days are spent with little kids, and all that comes with that and I sometimes forget that I'm also a 27 year old woman who needs some time to myself! I love my days at home with the kids, but it was nice to get some time to do something fun with my sister.


Before & After

My sweet friend Whitney!

My two guys!

After the race we went out to eat and then headed to downtown Grapevine where we shopped, grabbed fro-yo, and enjoyed the square.
All cleaned up

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