Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year we spent the weekend with my in-laws and enjoyed going to church with them on Sunday. After a nice meal of Catfish we discovered we had a flat! Boo! So blessed that no one was hurt before we could get it replaced and thankful for such sweet in-laws!

I am so blessed by many fathers in my life. My Daddy is such an amazing man; so giving, tender-hearted, goofy, and always supportive. He has always been there for us and when I was younger, and many of my friends' parents were going through divorces, my Dad became the Dad to many of my friends. He was always so present and active in everything we were doing, a total hands-on Dad. Because of the way he loved his wife and girls, I was secure in who I was. I knew what qualities I wanted in a husband and because of that, I have the most amazing husband who is an exceptional Daddy.

My father-in-law is an exceptional man. He is one of the wisest men that I know. He is gentle and strong at the same time, kind and so generous. He has the most giving spirit and loves his family so much. He is incredibly thoughtful and would do anything for his family. He is an excellent cook and loves his grandbabies! He values his friendship with his son, and is such an encouragement to Kyle & I. He has always treated me like a daughter and is the reason Kyle & I are married. He and Sandra led me to Jesus many years ago and then gave me the most loving husband. I am forever grateful

Kyle is amazing. Before we had kids he had little to no experience with kids. He had no siblings, had never changed a diaper, nothing. You would never know that by the way he has taking to fatherhood; with finesse and ease. He is a super dad. He loves all of us fiercely. We pretty much have to kick him out the door every morning so he's not late to work (and we are always sad to see him leave) and he rushes home every day. He has NEVER put his career before us. He works hard and really enjoys his job but doesn't let his career define him. He is a godly man who encourages, supports, and loves with all his heart. He is up in the middle of the night with crying babies, changes diapers, cooks, helps clean, introduces his kids to poetry, fun books, new experiences, teaches them to cook, his so patient, plays with them, sings, helps plan parties, values everything I do, every single day (even if most days the only thing I've managed is to keep every one alive!) He always makes me feel loved and beautiful and is truly my best friend. We are always giggling together, enjoy the same things, and just love hanging out together. I can be myself more when I am with him. I just love that man and love the way he loves us!!!

Grandma reading to the girls before bed.

Kyle with his Dad and son.

Karl with his son and grandkids!

I love that Grandma & Rowynn are giggling in this picture!

Kyle with his parents and kids!

Grandma & Emerson goofing around!

We took Daddy out for ice cream!

Rowynn loved it!

And some pictures of my princesses!

The girls and I decided to have a tea party one morning while brother napped.

Teaching her to serve others and how to pour tea.


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