Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rough Riders Game

A few weeks ago Kyle's work paid for everyone's families to enjoy a Rough Riders ball game. They paid for our tickets and for free concessions for the first 90 minutes of the game...score!!! When we got there and were locating our seats the usher said, "Now, be careful of foul balls, you're right off the third baseline!" About that time I saw a ball whizzing right over the section we were about to head to. So I pretty much spent the entire game in paralyzing fear that my children were about to get hit and die. Fun times! And add to that an extremely grumpy RoRo...yea, I had a blast! All in all, it was actually pretty fun. I would love to take the kids again...just as long as we are far from the foul balls and can sit on the end. Sitting in the middle and have to climb over people every time some one needed to go potty or was hungry (which with little kids was pretty much the entire time) was not ideal.

Our view!

RoRo with her chips!

Finley...she said her favorite part was eating! Ha!

Making silly faces.

This is the, "you guys realize it's my bed time, right? Please promptly find me a bed" look...love that little thumb!

Rowynn cheering for the team!

Finley took this picture!

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