Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Pics!

Some random pictures of my sweet family! These are from the past several months....just on my camera and never got posted!
Daddy and sweet boy at the park!

These two have such a sweet bond!

My sweet girl loves to read.

Emerson turned 6 months old while we were living in the hotel!
My two guys---back in February!

Sure do love this girl!

This hot mess cracks me up. She insists on wearing this skirt all the time. Like And she picked out this shirt and did her hair...she loves putting it in headbands by herself!

This picture is a perfect description of Rowynn. Mix-matched clothes, headband with crazy hair, a marker in each hand...

Finley riding her bike she got for her birthday.

Little sis gets the old bike!
Rowynn can't wait to join Finley at dance next year

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