Monday, June 3, 2013

Emerson's Dedication & Mother's Day

On Mother's Day this year we dedicated our third child, our baby boy, at church! What a wonderful day to celebrate being a Mom, by making a public promise to raise him according to God's word, to teach him about Jesus and to earnestly pray for his soul.

Such a high calling to be entrusted with these three precious little ones! Some times my days get so busy and crazy, and when I'm just done, when I can't sing another song, or clean up another accident...when my lovies are arguing and screaming, when I want to join in on the tantrums, when the house is a mess and I haven't showered in two days....I call out to God...and then I realize, "Why didn't I seek Him sooner?" I get so consumed in the day to day grind that I forget my raise children who love God with all their hearts. And that I can't do it without a constant dialogue of prayer. It's only by God's grace and strength that I make through these trying days. It's so hard to carve out time to spend reading the Bible, but when I do my whole day is instantly better. Things run smoother, I feel refreshed and energized. I mean how can I pour into these three babes if I'm not letting God pour into me?!?

Anyway, sorry to get off track! So Mother's Day was a beautiful day spent worshiping with my family, my parents, and Kyle's parents. After church we came home to a wonderful meal cooked by my hubby!

Getting ready to go to church!

Mimi & Papaw with the kids.

Sure do love this man!

My Momma & blessed!

My two girls singing in church with Grandma!

Emerson Kyle being dedicated!

I love these two guys so much!!!

The church gifted E with this cute little Bible and a super cute frame with picture from that day (not pictured) and Grandma Davis gave him these adorable booties that were knitted by Emerson's Great-Great-Great Aunt!
Grandma & Grandpa Davis with Finley
The whole family. So blessed by these people. How many people can say that their parents and in-laws were friends long before the families merged!


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