Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finley turns Four

June 5th is a super special day in our family. It's the anniversary of my in-laws meeting for the first time. It's my husband's Chosen Day. And it's the day that I gave birth to our firstborn. What an incredibly special day!! I still can't believe she was actually born on Kyle's Chosen Day...I mean I wasn't induced or anything, I went into labor on my own. How crazy!? Thank you God for allowing her to be born on such a meaningful day and thank you for allowing me to be her Mommy!! I love this kiddo so much!

Finley Rose has really turned into a super neat kid. And I say kid because that's what she is. She's no longer a baby...or a toddler...she's a kid. How did that happen?!? She is a fantastic big sister and so super duper helpful. She is smart, sensitive, funny, sassy, compassionate, stubborn, beautiful, and always full of joy. She loves parties and celebrations of all kind, she loves to help cook, loves princesses, books, dance, her friends, and special treats. She is just amazing. I see so much of myself in her, for better or worse! She is determined, loves fiercely, and strong willed. I love my baby girl!!

On her actual birthday, I took the kids out to breakfast. Finley (wearing her birthday girl pin) choose donuts. After breakfast we continued our tradition of getting a balloon from Party City. She helped me bake and decorate a strawberry cake (loaded with sprinkles) and then that night we went to Chuck E. Cheese. She's been asking to go there for months, so we went on her special day!!

I found this cute birthday interview online and had fun asking her the questions. She wrote her name and age, but was busy doing something else, so it's not her best work. I love her answers, especially that when asked what she likes to do with Daddy she says, "Make spaghetti!" So thankful for a hubby who loves to cook and always includes the kiddos. And when asked what her favorite day is she said, "Saturday & Sunday because that's when Daddy is home!" And when asked what she likes to do with Mommy she said, "I like to play with Mommy and give hugs!" Such a sweet girl!

Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!

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