Friday, September 30, 2011

Park Play

There's like a bazillion parks around us...for real, they're everywhere. We've visited a few, but there are still so many that I want to explore with the girls. We've already found some really neat ones...some with long bridges, some with duck ponds, some that are completely wooden, some that are great for bigger kids, some with water features, some with nature trails, some small, some get the idea.

But there's this one park. It's small. Not usually crowded. And simple.  It's the first one I took Finley too. It's a few miles down the road from our house and I just happened to pass it one day many moons ago. So we took Finley. And she loved it. She loved the swings and climbing. It's not the greatest for small kiddos, and it's a tad small. But to me it's precious. Probably because I remember taking Finley there for the first time. And I remember stopping by there with her after running errands. Back when I just had one kiddo. And when Finley was tiny. We've taken Rowynn a couple of times, back when she was a tiny bundle and couldn't fully enjoy it.We go there from time to time. Sometimes on Saturday mornings so Dada can join us. And sometimes on Wednesday mornings before a trip to Wal-Mart.

Like we did the day before yesterday. This time Rowynn got to fully participate. And we had the whole park to ourselves.

It was a lovely morning.

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