Sunday, September 25, 2011

It was a hoot!

Yesterday we celebrated my youngest daughter turning one! She won't actually be one until Tuesday, but we had her party yesterday--funny enough yesterday was her due date.

We choose a woodland creature/owl theme for her first birthday. Her room is decorated in owls and birdies and we've always associated owls with our RoRo. And her room is purple, and purple is her signature color. Finley is all pink, but Rowynn is more of a purple kind of girl! So I knew I wanted purple as the main party color. After searching the blogs and an unholy amount of hours spent on pinterest, I found the perfect color scheme. It was deep purple and red and white (the red and white to mimic toadstool mushrooms).We had a ton of family come in from out of town and lots of friends here to help celebrate!

This was the "guest" book!

I love that the book has the purple and red colors to match the party!

Aunt Sissy signing the book!

Travel roll-up chalkboard mats for the kiddos!

This was the kids craft area. The had little wooden birdhouses to paint and they made bird feeders by stringing cheerios onto pipe cleaners.

Big sister painting her of course!

Apple cider punch, yum!

The cake table: Carrot cake with brown sugar frosting, toadstool cupcakes, fall cookies, and goodie bags for the grown-ups (pretzel, rolo, and pecan candy)

The food table! Key Lime Cheese Ball w/ twisty grahams, veggie soup, pb sandwiches, chocolate squirrels, bird nest fruit cups, acorn doughnut holes, cheese sticks & tomatoes, roasted peanuts, granola & banana chips, chocolate dipped apples.

Pictures of Roro Faith :)

Momma, Dada, and the birthday girl!

Gimme gimme!

This is some good stuff!

Opening presents!

The table for our guests
Our family!!!

Happy birthday sweet Rowynn Faith! You are my sunshine!



  1. So cute! I love how much time you took in all the details to make her birthday special. Love the finger print tree!

  2. It was an adorable party and perfect for RoRo. She's a sweetie. You did a great job with everything! Maile

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet RoRo!!! You did a wonderful job Mama!!! How is she one already??? :O)