Thursday, September 29, 2011

What We've Been Up To

We've been kinda doing a pond theme, but mostly focusing on a variety of activities. We've also been doing The Days of Creation, but I'll post more on that later. Maybe. If I remember. Which could be three months from now. Cause that's how I blog. Anyway..... Next week we'll start our fall/pumpkin/apples lesson and I'm so excited!

But for now, this is what the girlies and I've been up to!

I wrote letters on clothespins and Finley matched them up to the letters on the card. She did really could with this, slowly but surely she's learning all her letters.

I got this mat at IKEA and it's been a big hit! We may have a house full of girls, but it's important to me that they get to play with "boy" toys. So we have cars, trucks, knight armor, tools, balls, etc to help balance out the fairy wings, Tinkerbell dolls, babies, dresses, and necklaces!

Finley has recently become obsessed with singing! She sings several songs and loves using a microphone. I found this echo mic in the dollar section. So it makes her voice louder...not sure if this was the best buy for my ears.

Sorting objects. She would feel them and decide if they were Hard or Soft.

Discovery Toys Castle Marble Works...A HUGE HIT!

Coin sort

Learning about frogs and making her frog hop.

I got this idea from Maile! We've started a tree journal. We went outside and drew our tree and talked about what the bark felt like, what color the leaves were, etc.

She picked out the colors and did pretty well with drawing her tree. We also added a leave from our tree to this page.

She loves pretending she's a doctor. She gives shots and says, "All better" and listens to your heart and then says, "Sounds good!"

She loves counting

I got these at the dollar store and we had fun racing them down the slide. Also a quick lesson on identifing the different vehicles.

We made a snake! It was a great way to work on patterns. I started the first couple and then we talked about what color came next. We did two colors and then three colors.

She got these fun Discovery Toy blocks for her b-day and loves them!

This dollar store tray has been great for different sorting activiteis. We're sorting different shapes this week so I started out with basic shapes that I was fairly certain she knew. I was surprised at how well and how fast she sorted the shapes. Tomorrow we'll move on to more uncommon shapes.

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