Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Yes I realize it's still August. Yes I realize that we are currently on the 965487023 day of 100+ degree weather. I don't care. I'm done with summer. It's too hot and I'm ready for fall. It's my favorite season. I love everything about it: apple cider, pumpkin patches, turning leaves, cool breezes, home made soup, and cozy blankets.

So while it still is very much summer outside, in the Davis home it's time for Fall!

Our mantle before


The purple canvas-I taped a picture of a pumpkin and painted the rest of the canvas purple and added a scrapbook sticker. 
*The "give thanks" is scrapbook stickers attached to a brown charger.
*The jar that you can see because of the flash is a mason jar full of acorns
*And the framed picture is a free printable I found here.



*The 3-D pumpkin art was super easy. I found the frame in the clearance section, took out the glass, hot glued the pumpkins to scrapbook paper and viola! I found the idea here.

I've got a lot of craft ideas on my to-do list and pinterest is definitely aiding my addiction. Of course it doesn't help that I'm planning a fall birthday for Rowynn in about a month and keep seeing cute stuff everywhere...but on the upside, I get to reuse all of her b-day decor for around the house!

Can't wait until the weather catches up with my mantle!

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