Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Row, Row, Rowynn Faith

When we were deciding on a name for our first born, we knew that we wanted to use Rose as a middle name. When we were wed, we primarily used roses as our flower since they are Kyle's favorite. He also has favorite poem/song by Robert Burns entitled, "My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose." In fact, I printed out the poem in it's entirety and framed it with silk roses as the border for his gift on our first Valentine's Day. We also used that same framed copy at his groom's table because the first few lines were iced on his book-shaped groom's cake (your husband might be a geek if...) So anyway, enter Finley ROSE. We each have a song that we sing to her while we rock her. Kyle has always sung that song to her. And what's really cool is the first few lines are:

My luve's like a red, red, rose,
that's newly sprung in June
Oh my luve's like a melodie,
That's sweetly play'd in tune.

So not only is this song perfect for her because of her middle name, but she WAS newly sprung in June! And that kid really loves music...

So when thinking of our next precious kiddo, Rowynn Faith. We wanted a special song for her. I know there are a lot of songs about Faith out there, and we thought about finding one that fit. However, the other night, as we laid in bed, we started talking and trying to come up with something more original. Cause that's how we roll...

This is what we got. (Sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

Row, Row, Rowynn Faith,
Pretty as can be
Wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully made,
You're God's gift to me

Maybe a bit on the cheesy side, but we really liked it!

Anyway, just more rambling thoughts from a VERY pregnant lady. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Awww not cheesy at all. TOO sweet! You are blessed but so are your children!

  2. Beautiful!!! We sing a made up song to our girls before putting them done, ours is really cheesy. Just think how cool these will be to your daughters as they grow:O)