Friday, September 3, 2010

It's the little things

Today has been a busy, productive day. My huge check-list is getting smaller instead of larger (wish I could say the same about my ever-expanding belly). Today monkey butt (my firstborn, not my hubby) and I got a lot accomplished. First we got my vehicle registration in the mail (only 4 months expired). Then CVS was running a deal where if you spend $30 on select P&G products you get a free flu shot. So another item on the to-do list bites the dust.

After a yummy lunch, Kyle was able to come home a few hours early (great boss) and we proceeded to get more done. Kyle got his oil changed and his car inspected. If you thought my 4 months past expiration date was bad, his expired in January. Yep, January! Then we were ripped off sold some books at Half-Price Books.

After that we went to Babies-R-Us and actually didn't spend that much money. (Maybe because my hubby was with me!) We got a changing pad and cover for RoRo, a puzzle and two books for Finley (so she'll have a little treat when sissy is born), and KYLE picked out a cute shirt for monkey. (I swear he's as bad as me!) But the shirt was on sale, and too cute to pass up!

After that we went to Gatti Town. It's a all-you-can-eat pizza buffet with a little arcade. Very cool. The main eating area has a couple of small movie screens that show animated films. 

Finley loved playing, but first she had to clean her table.

I swear this kiddo loves to clean! She'll get a paper towel and carry it around the house, "cleaning" various pieces of furniture or the floor. She's such a good little helper. She also enjoys running around the house with utensils unloading the dishwasher, and closing the dryer door before I'm done, at just the right moment.

Here are some more photos from our fun night:

Here she is breaking it down! She loves to dance! Makes momma proud (I took dance for 13 years and was on dance line in high school).

This picture makes me giggle. My sweet hubby was really into this game and poor monkey just looks scared!

She LOVED driving! And the best thing about this age is you don't really spend money on the games. She was just as happy as can be running from game to game, admiring the pretty lights, dancing to the fun music, and pretending to drive.

Gotta love my cheese-ball hubby. And Finley's look of concern. I swear sometimes she looks at us and thinks, "Um, guys, you should really get out more..."

And as we were leaving we let monkey play on the train parked in front. Well, to our surprise, one of the workers asked if we wanted to ride. So Finley got to ride around the parking lot in the choo-choo train; for free! (Dad was with her of course).

So all in all it was a good day. Got started on the massive to-do list, Kyle got off work early, and we got to enjoy our little family of three. We always enjoy our precious monkey, but with life about to change in 3 or so weeks with the arrival of RoRo, we wanted to do something special family things this weekend. While it's just the three of us. At this point in my pregnancy with Finley, Kyle and I made sure we spent time together, just the two of us. We went to eat at our favorite restaurants, went to museums, saw movies, and took our time strolling through the mall. Nothing fancy, but we wanted to have those memories of just the two of us, while we were anxiously awaiting the birth of our firstborn.

Did I mention that I love blogging? It is such a fun way to keep track of all the precious memories we're creating with our young family. I know I'll look back at these posts some day and miss these sweet times.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun three-day weekend! God Bless :)

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  1. Wendy these pictures of "Monkey Butt" made me laugh!! She is getting so big!! I have been thinking about and praying for you and Kyle this week. Thanks for the update on the Davis family!! Looking forward to hearing when little Ro-Ro is born.

    Suzi J.