Monday, September 13, 2010

Fifteen Fasinating Facts About My Fifteen Month Old, Finley

Okay, so technically Finley Rose turned 15 months like a week ago, (on the fifth), but I'm a bit of a procrastinator. (And always have been, much to the dismay of my momma!) But like I tell her, "Hey, I always get it done!"

Sweet Finley, you are 15 months old. I don't know where the time is going or how you've managed to go from a little baby to a full-fledged toddler. You change everyday, and everyday you learn a new "trick." You are such a joy and your daddy and I are always laughing at your silly nature. You have such a loving spirit and are one awesome kiddo. I feel so blessed that God choose me to be your momma.

Fun Facts About You, Finley:

1. Finley, you are a very funny kid. You're always doing things that make us laugh! You love to hoard things in your playhouse. Every time we go outside to play, there is some new object in there. You will bring things in there, one at a time, until your little pink and purple house is full. I'm considering turning you into the TLC show, "Hoarding, Buried Alive!" You  love everything to be in it's place though. You have a very organized way of thinking and love stacking my mixing bowls in their right order.

2. You absolutely LOVE music. All kinds. You like to clap your hands and "sing" and you love to spin around and around and around...until you fall down giggling. You love stomping your feet and shaking your cute booty. Sometimes you'll get my iPod and take it to the dock and wait for me to put it on so you can boogie down. You and dada listen to music every night during splishy-splashy time. And you and I like to turn the music on during the day and dance, dance, dance! You also like playing on dada's keyboard and dancing to your musical creations!

3. You are such a big help around the house. We want you to love cooking and we let you help us whenever we can. You're really good at helping and I'm sure you'll grow into a fine chef! You enjoy finding paper towels and wiping everything (floors, doors, furniture) down. You also like handing me clean (and dirty) dishes from the dishwasher when I'm unloading. Laundry is somewhat of a game to you--the "how many times can I shut the dryer door before momma needs it shut" game. I appreciate your help--your such a little momma :)

4. Every morning when you wake up, you like to lie in your crib and talk to yourself. I think you are praying. It's is really sweet.

5. Rosebud, you have such a sweet nature. You adore your "babies" and will hug them while saying, "Awe, bebe." You also love giving and getting sugars, hugs and snuggles.

6. And speaking of praying, now, before meal times, when we say, "Ok, let's bless the food," you reach for our hands and wait patiently until the prayer is over. Once upon a time, you would just ignore us and continue munching on your food.

7. You would probably live outside if I let you. You love it out there! We play with you ladybug ball, you re-decorate your house, and daddy pushes you on the swing. You also enjoy sliding down the slide and blowing  bubbles.

8. Your current favorite song is "If You're Happy and You Know It." You are so good at doing all the motions!

9. You learn new words each day. You can say: momma, dada, bye-bye, baby, awe, hot, quack-quack, hi, yay, and a whole lot of other words that we just can't make out! We've also started spelling certain words, like "milk," and "outside," in front of you if we aren't talking you directly.

10. You love to read books. One of your favorite things to do is to bring us books, crawl in our laps and be read to. You even like to read to us. You also enjoy doing puzzles and you are really good at your shape puzzle.

11.When asked, you like pointing to your head, your belly, and up high. You can also wave bye-bye, blow kisses, clap your hands, stomp your feet, dance, run, walk on your tip-toes, and climb on everything (bed, couch, chair, all the way up your slide, in the bathtub--you name it you can conquer it!)

12.You love your momma and dada so much, that when we drop you off somewhere, like your classroom at church, you cry and cry. It breaks our hearts, but we know that eventually you have fun and that you are in good hands.

13. You are a little chatterbox on the phone. You carry around the calculator, your play phones, the remote, the iPod, our phones and anything else you think might work and "talk" on it. Must be the Armstrong coming out in you. Hehehe! You also know your way around the phone and you're not fooled when we lock it.

14. You are such a girly girl sometimes. You love to wear necklaces and carry your purses around. And even though you REFUSE to wear bows, you like to brush your hair. It's really cute to see you do this. Playing in momma's make-up is also something you like to do. You also like to brush your teeth by yourself and picking out shoes is a favorite past time of yours. You bring my shoes to me, and dada's shoes to him. You always get it right, and bring a matching pair, even if sometimes you bring me heels to wear outside. You insist on us putting on the shoes and think it's funny when we do!

15. You have your moments (many of them) where you are a lil sassy drama mama diva. You sometimes pitch a fit when you don't get your way. You throw food on the floor. You screech at me. You are so independent and like doing things for yourself. You still use your paci when you sleep, but we I pick you up from your crib, I say, "Okay, throw it in your crib." And you do!

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  1. What an amazing girl!!! Can't wait to get to know you more sweet Finley!!!!