Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paint by Numbers...or Not

Me and my favorite girl (until little sister gets here, and then it will be a tie), had a very fun and busy day. We started the morning at the library for Toddler Time. She squealed with laughter and clapped her hands during all of the songs. She danced and twirled around. We enjoyed a cute story about butterflies and she got some fish stickers.

After that we ran over to Michael's and did a little shopping. We got some art supplies for an afternoon of finger painting! She loves to color with her crayons, so I figured we would attempt finger painting. I knew it would be a mess, but that's half the fun, right?

Once we left Michael's we ran next door to the pet store where we found fish the same color as our outfits, admired the furry animals, and laughed at the turtles who were splashing and swimming about. Then we had lunch together out and came home to nap...well she napped.

Once nap time was over it was on to snack time followed by finger painting!

Yummy grapes and mozzarella cheese for snack time!

Finger painting really wasn't that messy. She laughed and had fun getting her hands covered in paint and even managed to get most of it on the paper. And surprise, surprise, she never tried to eat it, not even once!!!

Figuring out this whole paint stuff. We painted on butterflies since we read a book about butterflies at the library.

Hey mom, this is kind-of cool!

So serious in her painting....

Colorful creations!

We will definitely try finger painting again. I'm sure next time will be messier and once she gets the hang of it, I know she'll like it even more!

Tomorrow I think the plan is to chill at home and get this messy house cleaned! And then tomorrow night...FREEZER COOKING!!! Am I a total nerd because I'm excited about that? Maybe just a total mom...

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  1. What an artist!!! Great work mama, i love the tie in with the book you read:O)