Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

I have been such a bad blogger...I'm trying to get caught up. I've got so many ideas, and I want to get back into blogging. The girls are changing so much everyday and are always doing something funny and  cute that I want to remember! Here are some pics from April.

So we are nearly finished with our "Bug" theme, but I'd thought I'd post some pics from our Farm unit. I also have a hodge-podge of pics that needed to go somewhere, so why not here?

Here's Finley planting her flowers in a little garden I made for her. Planting and gardening tied in nicely with our farm theme.

This was at James & Nana's birthday party. It was a farm-theme party and super cute! Here Finley was rolling the pig in the mud (it's a pink foam pig and the mud is a brown marker). The next step was to wash the mud off in soapy water. All of the kids really loved it!

Howdy Partner :)

How cute is this little cowgirl's boots???

Our finished barn. And the black and white animal is a cow, not a sheep. Finley & I argued about! I kept telling her it was a cow, and she kept saying, "momma, sheep." Kyle came home and said, "Um that doesn't look like a sheep." I told him it was suppose to be a cow and he said, "Well it DEFINETLY doesn't look like a cow!"

Putting a dot on all the "A's." I had her first put a dot on the lowercase "a's" and then on the capitol letters. She did really well with this. I found this, along with so many other printables from here.

Here is Finley at Maile's house. For a while they had pet ducks and Finley loved chasing the "quack-quacks!"

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