Thursday, June 9, 2011


My little Finley is OBSESSED with Tinkerbell, or as she says, "Kink." She has fallen in love with the movies and laughs and squeals when she gets to watch one. On her first Christmas, when she was 6 months old, we got her a plush Tinkerbell from the Disney store, along with a Tinkerbell plate, bowl, utensil set, cup, and of course movie. She only recently started watching the movies, on the long ride to Louisiana thanks to the portable dvd players Mimi & Papaw got her for Christmas.

Watching Tinkerbell while on the road to Louisiana

Now she watches the movie as a treat on some evenings. We've also rented Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure and Tinkerbell & The Great Fairy Rescue...and she loves them! It's so neat to watch her laugh at the parts she thinks are funny and she loves to fly her "Kinks" around the room and say, "fly Kink, fly!"

For her birthday she recieved a couple of Tinkerbell dolls and nightgowns. And Mimi has assured me that she'll get the other two movies for Chirstmas! I love watching her grow and seeing the things she falls in love with! And thank goodness it's not something annoying...I actually really like Tinkerbell too!

She wanted to take a picture of her "Kinks!"

I sure do love having girls!!!


  1. How cute. My daughter got the same Tink. It is nice.

  2. awww! So sweet! In that first pic, she totally reminds me of Rie with the same paci :O)
    We love tink over here too :O)