Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend/Rowynn's Dedication

This past weekend was a busy but fun one. My parents spent the weekend with us and we loved having them here-especially Finley, she L-OV-E-S her Mimi & Papaw. Actually she loves both of her grandparents. And I'm pretty sure they're smitten with their grand girls!!!

On Saturday we met the Srader family at a local little amusement park called Sandy Lake. We took Finley there last May and we were looking forward to going again. It's really cheap and small enough for little ones to enjoy without getting overwhelmed.

James & Finley in the boat. They loved it...until it started.

Driving a pink car! Again, she was fine until it started, and then it was tears galore.

See what I mean?

Nana & Maile

Finley & her Papaw

Jeremy & James

Kyle & Jeremy...on the swing thing. They're such bid kids!

Riding the train with Mimi & Papaw!

One of these days we'll get a good family pic with everyone smiling!

Sunday we dedicated Rowynn at our church. It was such a wonderful blessed day! The dedication is a way to make a commitment in front of our church, a commitment that says we will strive to raise her to love God and to teach her about His word, His grace, and His love. It was so neat to make that special promise on Mother's Day. I use to dread baby dedication days at church. It was yet another reminder that I wasn't a momma. So to dedicate my second sweet girl on Mother's Day was so humbling and so special. I feel so incredibly blessed that God has allowed me to be a mom to such sweet girls. My heart goes out to those that are yearning for a child, those who have lost their mom, or those who have lost a child. I pray that God's peace will wrap you up and that you will feel such overwhelming love.

Our family on Mother's Day. As you can tell neither girl was too happy about having their picture taken.

Grandma Davis and Rowynn Faith!

Baby dedication at The Ridge Church

Rowynn Faith...she sure is a sweetie!!!

Finley & Rowynn I love you girls so much and feel so blessed to be your momma. You are both such sweet girls. Finley, you are such a big helper and so full of love and compassion. You are so smart and learn so much each day. I love hearing you read and sing. You are so funny and so giggly! You have such a sweet voice and give great snuggles. I love you kiddo! Rowynn, my sweet girl, you are so stinkin cute. You scoot everywhere, it isn't exactly crawling, but effective. You are sitting up and have two bottom teeth. You love exploring and try so hard to keep up with big sister. You love kicking your feet to music and have the biggest smile. I love watching your face up light up when you see me. I love you baby girl!
You kiddos rock :)

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  1. Sooo sweet. I love the picture of Finley crying in the car. Makes me crack up just thinking about it. Poor girl!